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Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-October-2000  09:36:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Pick the right spot in the ocean sometime next February and you could get 130 tonnes of Mir falling on your head..

Andrew sent a link to further Sydney Olympic Auction info - later this month their high-tech goodies including laptops etc will be up for grabs.. I'd rather have an olympic laptop than one of those prawn-bicycle things anyday.

The P4 we saw on Akiba the other day WAS an engineering sample, as a few people pointed out, but there's still a few for sale in Japan. Neil points out that they're selling for about $2300AUD, which Akiba says is "rather high" given the chances of finding a motherboard for them. The 1Ghz P3 was interesting because it was the first sighting of a cC0 1GHz unit in the wild. Okey dokey. Wilson sent in this list of cC0 S-Codes..

Think your new mobile phone isn't quite cutesy enough? IBM do too.. so they're working on jewellery that doubles as a mobile, a PDA, or maybe an MP3 player.

Microsoft show once again they have no idea about Linux and aren't afraid to inflict that upon the public. Bah, we know you're running scared, now!

Little LCD status panels are all the rage with case-modders at the moment, Keith pointed out this page with lots of interesting info including a cheap place to buy them..

ChicksHardware have a list of special deals.. spot the modded case for Australian readers from one of our hosted sites.

LWD have a Q&A session about dual-booting Win2K and Linux, prompted by their earlier article..

More in a bit..

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