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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 26-October-2000  00:16:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

DraganJ posted some cool pics of his wicked case in the forums..

Hmm, girls and computers.. naah, it'll never happen.

Blue orbs reviewed here on HardCoreWare and here on OCAddiction.

Tweakerinos reviewed the Gigabyte GA7ZM.. little bitty KX133 SocketA mobo. They're also giving away a GeForce2 MX..

There's a review of the Voodoo5 5500 on a site calling themselves WhoredWare.. hmm, I can see the big hardware companies just lining up to get affiliated with that domain. :)

Win coolers and stuff by sending email on G3D..

Squozen sent in a link to this article.. iMac is arguably the most compelling home entertainment appliance in existence. Hmm, is that a crackpipe I smell?

ipKonfig are smashing stuff up, setting stuff on fire etc. Keeps them off the streets I guess..

AwareMag reviewed the Epox 8KTA+.. SocketA, KT133 mobo.

The ArsMasters checked out the Apple G4 Cube. I admit, if someone gave me one of these.. I wouldn't instantly sell it. I might even keep it. But there's no way I'm forking out my own money for one.. yeeghs!

TE reviewed the Matrox G450 video card..

PCInsight reviewed the Gainward CARDEXpert GF2MX TwinView "Golden Sample" (deep breath) .. which I think is also a video card.

TechZone reviewed an MSI GeForce2 MX video card..

Guru3D have a case-modding guide.. random quote: Water-cooling - Here you put a small refrigerator into your case. Uhhm.. okey dokey.

Steve said: So am I! But I ended up going to www.printers.com and it was no damn good at all... go and have a look for yourself... scary stuff, especially the MIDI music at the end of the damn thing... .. hehe.

Ozone sent in a link to a page pointing out some interesting points about the recent DeCSS court case.. and how executable source code is not covered as free speech. They argue, among other things, is a picture of source code free speech then, as it's not executable? Interesting read.

Lombers pointed out this massive cooler.. what is that, heat pipes or something? Bizarre.

HotHardware reviewed the VoodooTV 200.. a tv tuner card from 3DFX.

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