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Wednesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 15-November-2000  23:55:26 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Straight into the news....

Morgan was the first to point out that the Southern Cross Cable Project went live today....

Hellfire pointed out that you can now download Version 1.2 of the Voodoo5 Overclocker.

Hello everyone, Guru of 3D has released a new version of the very popular GeForce Tweak Utility which is now at version 2.2

PC Mechanic have posted a how-to on removing the heatplate from an AMD K6 processor.

LittleWhiteDog.com are giving away a 30GB IBM 75GXP hard drive. You can enter once per day, per email address.

Tweakmeister.com have posted an article revisting the idea of soundproofing a case.

Want a free Duron PC? Join Hexus.net's forums, and you stand a chance of winning!

JSI Hardware have written an overclocking guide for Duron processors. They used a 700MHz Duron in this example, and got it to 945MHz. Not a great overclock, granted, but this article gives one of the clearest descriptions I've seen on how to unlock a factory-locked Duron....

Would you like to know where some of the leading developers of FPS games think the genre is headed? The Tech Extreme guys were thinking the same thing, so they contacted Epic Megagames (of Unreal and Unreal Tournament fame) and ID Software (do they really need an introduction?), and have produced this article as a result.

You may or may not know it, but this site is served off a server based on an Abit BP6 motherboard, running two 366MHz Celeron processors overclocked to 550MHz. Freaek pointed out that Coolchip's webserver is almost identical when it comes to hardware, but is also water cooled.

The guys at Apu's Hardware have flipped. Completely. What evidence do I cite to support this statement (aside from the name of their site, and it's relevance to computer hardware)? I present to the court, Exhibit A, an article on the said site, supporting the argument I have presented to you today.

Finally (well, before reviews and Comdex reports), from the "I can't believe someone actually thinks they can make money doing this on the Internet" department, mycereal.com. Yes, you can create a custom breakfast cereal, and have it delivered to your door.

Alphabetically listed Comdex Reports.
Ars Technica: Day 1, Day 2.
Firing Squad.
Glide Underground: Day 1, Day 2.
PC Mechanic.
Tom's Hardware.

Did I miss any?


Maximum3D have reviewed a Blue Orb.

OCtools looked at MUSHKIN High Performance REV2 PC133 222 128 Mb SDRAM.

RIZENET checked out the Front-X Multimedia Ports, and told us what they think.

Hexus.net have reviewed the Adaptec AHA-29160 Ultra-160 PCI SCSI host-adapter.

Mr PC Pro reviewed the Sony CRX 145E CD-R/W drive.

Tech Extreme have reviewed the Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 Surround Sound Speakers.

Extreme Overclocking have posted a review of the Antec KS282 ATX case.

SystemLogic.net reviewed the Klipsch V.2 -400 Promedia Speaker System.

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