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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 21-November-2000  00:01:20 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Dunno how many of these links you will be able to actually get to, what with the net being screwy at the moment..

More P4 stuff - here on PlanetHardware, here on GamersDepot, here (not only P4 stuff) on TechReport, here on FiringSquad. I am not even reading this stuff yet, there's just too much of it. Maybe in a month when the benchmarks have been optimized for the P4 I will start seriously looking at numbers. In the meantime, I just got hooked up with some 1.1GHz Tbird action, so I'm happy.

JC's has compiled all the leaked P4 benchmarks.. someone buy that man a lawyer.

PCScoop went to Comdex like everyone else, saw some babes, got bitten by a robot dog, the usual stuff.

Most of us are happy if we can clock up to 1GHz, but Hexus STARTED there and got a fair way above it. We're not worthy.

Sabretooth has been digging for the weird stuff lately.. now he's discovered a Sim holding a LAN party.

ProCooling have an article on mouting a radiator on a case..

Some DDR pics up on AkibaPC.

ClubOC reckon that Sandra2001 will be available from SiSoft's HomePage sometime today. It's not there as I write this, but Kyle used a version of Sandra that had P4 comparative benchmarks in it, for his P4 Review earlier today.. so keep an eye out.

Corsair Value Select 64MB PC133 SDRAM on GideonTech.
GlobalWin FOP-38 cooler on ClubOC. Be warned, these things are LOUD.
AOpen MS-810 Speaker on TechExtreme.
MSI Starforce 816 (GF2MX) video card on Beddoestech.
AOpen DVD1640 Pro on TechZone.. this is a 16X DVD, 40X CD.
Abit BE6-II v2.1 on ExtremeOverclocking.

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