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Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 21-November-2000  09:54:39 (GMT +10) - by Agg

KngtRider sent word that Sandra 2001 is now out!

More Pentium4 stuff - here on ZDNet, here on AcesHardware, here on TomsHardware, here on Wired.. Dan's article on AustralianIT is back up here and his somewhat more rambling DansData article is here. Worth reading that last one, particularly the extra benchmarks it includes..

There's been a lot of Intel-bashing over the last few weeks - I'm not partial to one camp or the other, I'll go for whoever can give me the fastest CPU on the day, at a decent price. For the last few months AMD have definitely been kicking Intel around with their Tbird and Duron products, but don't forget it's not been that long since AMD were a bit of a joke among the performance-PC enthusiast community. People seem to be getting waaaay too excited over something that is very cyclical - who knows what the market will be like in a year, or even 6 months. However, anyone who's thinking of buying a P4 should seriously sit and remember the Pentium Pro and all the poor sods who were left holding first-and-only-generation Socket8 technology when Intel switched to Slot1/Slot2. Rumour has it that Socket423 is going to be superceded next year sometime by Socket478.

CaseModdersOz reviewed the Everglide Large Attack Pad and Mouse Bungee.

Beddoestech reviewed the DFI CA64-EC motherboard, Socket370, Apollo Pro 133A, 686B southbridge so ATA-100 support.

The PCDB was due to be officially launched last night, but with these internet problems Oz is experiencing at the moment I'm going to delay it for a week. Some cool stuff happening in there anyway, check out this cool blue tower, and this fellow member of the bucket of water next to the PC club. :) There's even some macs in there!

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