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More info on major internet failure (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 21-November-2000  14:51:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

OK, a couple of people from within Telstra and some who aren't, contacted me this morning with info on the current problem with international internet access out of Australia. Let me quote some info:

Telstra’s Internet connections to the United States and other parts of the world has been severely affected by a major fault in the South East Asia – Middle East – Western Europe3 (SE-ME-WE3) submarine cable at a point between Singapore and China. This SE-ME-WE3 cable is one of the cables that Telstra and other major operators of Internet backbone networks in Australia rely on to get direct connections to the Internet backbone in the United States.

No cause is yet known nor is an exact location of the failure pinpointed but this investigation is being urgently undertaken by cable owners at the moment. It is know that the failure or “cable cut” as it is often called lies between the 2nd and 3rd repeaters on this cable between Singapore and China. This places the “cable cut” between 140km and 210km out of Singapore.

Our Southern Cross cable capacity to the United States is not yet activated and initial capacity scheduled for activation in mid December 2000.



Cable Repair : There is an expectation of up to one (1) week repair time as a cable repair ship has to set sail to the position of the cable cut, pick the cable and make repairs and replace the cable into operation.

Telstra: We are urgently implementing changes in the backbone Internet network to make all remaining capacity available for our customers to minimise negative impacts.

Impact Alleviation Plan: Several options are being evaluated at the present time including:

A. Seeking co-operation of Telstra employees to themselves minimise accessing overseas web sites/content sites whilst at home or at work during the next week;

B. Actively encouraging Big Pond customers to point their web browsers to the Big Pond Direct proxy cache to minimise downloads from overseas web sites;

Full word document here (27KB). This is an internal Telstra document, but I believe it was also sent to major customers of theirs. I can't name the people who sent it to me. Thanks for the info guys.

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