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Tuesday night... damnit, Wednesday morning. (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 22-November-2000  01:20:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Where does the time go? Been stuffing my face with ribs all night, didn't realise it was so late.. [burp]

Wow, Sabretooth pointed out this massive LAN party photo.. and I mean MASSIVE. Imagine how much power that room/stadium would be drawing?!

TechReport have an article on DVD RW.. wars between manufacturers.

Bit of a ranty article about Windows ME on SystemLogic.

A few people pointed out that Optus is in trouble.. with the ACCC, for advertising their Optus@Home product as "unlimited" when it obviously isn't. Looks like they will have to change their ads soon.

OC@QGL have a poll (left hand side of screen, scroll down a little) on broadband usage in Oz.

PCExtremes have a thing on Abit motherboards at Comdex.

Very interesting thing on Sysreview - a review of the SIS 370S Chipset.. a new "low end Athlon chipset" which supports among other things, 266MHz DDR FSB.

Andypoo sent along this update from Telstra re the cable cut:
The Big Pond core stability has been restored. The International Link failure will still cause some congestion within the Big Pond Network.
80% Capacity has been restored.
Cable has been cut approx. 70 KM out of Singapore
Cause of cable cut unknown. Possible earthquake.
Estimated time to repair cable 5-7 Days.

Razer Boomslang 2000 on Rizenet.
Mushkin Enhanced PC150 HSDRAM on Inside-Hardware.
Abit KT7 on ClubOC.
Saitek Cyborg Gold USB Joystick on NeoSeeker.
Abit SA6R on OCWB. Looks like a nice board, i815E.
Abit KT7 on AthlonMB.

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