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Thursday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 23-November-2000  11:22:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Big news of the day - go look at Hexus's Sandra2001 comparison of 1.35GHz TBird vs 1.5GHz P4. Yes yes, maybe the benchmarks are not optimized, it's early days yet yada yada.. but you have to admit those are some interesting numbers..

We now have a dedicated forum for discussion of the PC Database and entries within it.

Ssssh! The The Twice-Annual Secret Aussie ICQ Meet is on this Sunday at Centennial Park in Sydney. Not very secret any more. :) Actually it's organized by SecretNet, hence the name.

Dastardly Dan has been stripped of his P4 Powers, now reduced to normal human like the rest of us, living off scraps and reviewing laptops. It's an Asus L8400, cheaper than many, less annoying than many.

Apparently tomorrow is International Buy Nothing Day.

GideonTech have a guide to making aluminium spacers/shims for Durons. Remember kids, the little metal bridges on the top of your SocketA CPU must NOT be shorted against each other. Instant and silent CPU-death will occur. So make sure you insulate your shim or get ones that have spaces cut out.. or if you're like me and have already fried a 1GHz+ CPU, don't use them at all.

Dual P3 @ 933, MSI 694D mobo, twin FOP-38's.. sound good? Score it for free on ClubOC.

Speaking of freebies, turns out those fans from yesterday are nonfree. Need the 7-digit serial number and they're only shipping to North America. I'm shocked that so many of you tried that. :)

G3D have an explanation of Virtual Memory up..

Creative GeForce2 Ultra on IANAG.
Gorb on low-end Athlon on DreddNews.
BusStation USB 7 Port Hub on LittleWhiteDog.
Mouse Bungee on JSIHardware.

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