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Tuesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 28-November-2000  21:51:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Nearly 100 entries added to the PCDB in the last 24 hours.

PCStats have info on a bunch of interesting prototypes that appeared at Comdex.. heaps of new goodies.

Tweak3D have a guide to tweaking airflow through your case.

More funny stuff on BBSpot as usual. Thanks Ben.

Shane points out that on Win98Central they have an interesting "BX North Bridge Tune" program which apparently makes a big memory speed difference to boards using that chipset. BX has always been famously strong in the memory speed area anyway.. I don't have a BX system here (except my GF's - but I've learned my lesson about using her machine as a testbed before!) ..so I can't test it. Shane says it worked for him. Probably worth a shot then!

Pull up a comfy chair, hook up your caffeine drip and wade through this What's DDR All About? article on HardOCP. Lots of info, probably worth bookmarking so you can digest it in brain-sized peices.

Small lan party in Sydney, 10th Dec. Info here.

HardOCP also have Part 1 of their Case Modding 101 posted.

xbit-labs have a hefty review of the first commercial DDR motherboard, the Iwill KA266-R for SocketA chips.

Morjo points out some Grand Tourismo 3 Movies.. yeah, it's a PS2 game, but it's apparently the best-looking racing game ever.

Sanyo CRD-BP4/1400P (16/10/40) CD drive on CDRInfo.
Arctic Silver Thermal Epoxy on ClubOC. Not the Paste you have read a bazillion reviews of already.
Intel Pentium 200MHz on GU. No, I'm not kidding. :)
Creative GeForce2 Ultra card on TE.
Taisol Heatsinks on AwareMag.
Antec SX830 Full Tower case on NeoSeeker.
MSI K7T Pro 2 SocketA mobo on PCHardware.

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