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Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 2-January-2001  12:07:03 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Would you pay $20M for a 6-day holiday in space? Enjoy such activities as "transferring equipment" and "performing science experiments"! If I found $100M behind the sofa I probably would - this guy did too. Either that, or this is one of the biggest scams in history. :) Thanks Lord-Skippy.

Hmm, leperMessiah pointed out this non-computing page that asks, " What is an Athlon?"

Malleus sends more info on CPRM from TheRegister. I just read this, and my Evil-O-Meter peaked off the scale. This does NOT sound like a technology I want in my PC.. (starts hoarding hard drives). Sciby had some info on this before, here's a working URL to the proposed standard in PDF format.. except that doesn't work for me either. Hmm.

UGN is a new site on the gaming scene, they have an interesting article pointing out some of the flaws in the "gaming violence leads to real-life violence" argument..

ARP regurgitated a couple of old articles for some reason.. a thing on MMX (it'll never catch on!) and another one about some trolling guy from ages ago. Seeing as they're reposting old stuff, here's some of ours - the first 3 articles on this site were the Socket370 Cooler Comparo, my Slug-Sanding How-To (still drawing a fair bit of traffic) and my first peltier experiment. Those were the days, so young and innocent, less hairy and smelly. Relive the good 'ole days in the articles archive.

MikhailTech have an article about what to do with old computers.. let me guess, shooting them, smashing them with hammers, setting fire to them, dropping them off buildings. (reads article) .. oh, they just pull it apart to see what's inside. Hmm.

APU's have a new AMD FAQ for all you non-intel folks.

Finally, a review! PCHardware.ro checked out the Shuttle FE22.. teeny-tiny mobo. I haven't seen any Shuttle stuff in Oz.. (anyone who points out the space shuttle in Darling Harbour gets ignored :) )

..G3D crank into the new year with a review of Arctic Silver Thermal Epoxy..

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