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Saturday afternoon... erg... too much news. (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 6-January-2001  18:37:46 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Firstly, congrats to two of my closest friends Ado and Carlin, who had their second baby boy yesterday, Jacob. Weehee! His older brother Nick is almost old enough to wield a screwdriver. "Here Nicky, this is how to take apart Daddy's stereo and computer!" :)

X-bit labs has got a looksee at one of the first Athlon value motherboards, the Asus A7VI-VM.

Here's how to build your own UPS. There's no point unless it's for a server, imho. *shrug*

Getting sick of Counter-strike? Yes? (Freaks) Then have a gander at this review at UGN of Wasteland: Half-life. Tres interesting, but I'll stick with CS for a while longer, until I get sick of doing 3-for-1 awp shots. *grins wildly at [P]engo*

Now this is cool: http://www.overclockers.com.au/ubb/Forum11/HTML/000458.html
. An AT-to-ATX case conversion as well as doing some major functional and visual mods, lotsa metal. :)

OC Addiction is giving away a GeForce2 MX video card, and it's a reference card. Oooooh.

AthlonMB has the new Gigabyte 7DXC motherboard, with DDR. Isn't as good as they hoped, it seems.

Well, according to The Register, the copy-protection-in-hard-drives thing may put some control back in the hands of the users. Thanks to Sniper650 and davisgj/malleus/catharsis (make up your mind. :) for the link.

OCForce have got two news articles up: a fanbus guide, and a Senfu Temperature Monitor review. Exciting stuff.

This is great: - probably should learn to read or ignore those uncontrollable "new toy" urges, your cpu might live longer. Thanks to Sabrtooth for the link. *teehee*

TweakTown has a preview of some new Gigabyte boards, namely the Gigabyte GA-7ZMM (Socket A, VIA KM133) and the Gigabyte GA-7DXR (Socket A, AMD-761 DDR chipset). The GA-7DXR is the usual Gigabyte shade of blue. Purty.

And to go with that pretty blue DDR mobo, you'll need some DDR memory, like this stuff at Mushkin. Buy me some too, will ya? Thanks to Jai for the link.

Digit-life has the goods on an S3 Roadmap. I thought Diamond swallowed up S3 and then renamed the last bits of S3 as SONICblue. And now they're going back to the old name? I'm very confused. UPDATE: Agg: Actually, S3 inhaled Diamond.. thanks eski.

A bit of info on the new *deep breath* MS-StarForce 815 Pro Advanced Level Graphic Accelerator with nVIDIA® GeForce2 PRO™ Chipset from MSI™. I'll have one, thank you.

Want to see the inside of the new Microsoft X-box? Your wish is granted. :)

VIA's latest 4-in-1 drivers have been released, we're up to version 4.27 Beta now. Download it here.

Someone in IRC was asking about disk caching the other day, can't remember who, but they could have done with this: Adrian's Rojak Pot has update their Disk Cache Optimization Guide.

Coolerguys Windtunnel Plus ATX Case - at PC Mechanic.
Plextor 12/10/32A ATAPI CDR burner - at Apu's Hardware.
Microsoft Intellimouse Optical - at Extreme Overclocking.
SMC Barricade EZ Connect Cable/DSL Router - at Hardware One.
Justcooler HD-100 and HD-600 harddrive coolers - at Overclockers Online.
Creative Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1 - at the Guru of 3D.
Wind Tunnel Plus Mid Tower Case - at Extreme Overclocking.

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