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Monday night... hmmmm... South Park and Rex the Runt tonight.. (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 8-January-2001  22:29:39 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Anyway, before they start, let's have some news:

There's a new version of CPUIdle out, beta 2. Standard beta warning applies, yadda yadda yadda.

Some Soltek mobo news from "Celeron450" (You know who you are, and I hope your parents do too):

Soltek is lanching PM133+686B board SL-65MIV2. It is a Socket 370 uATX S370 board. It supports 133Mhz and has 3 DIMM, Savage4
AGP 4x. AC 97 audio, 3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 ATA100 IDE interface. Size : 245mm x 220mm

Tiny, tiny, tiny. Waitaminute, Savage 4? Eww.

ZZZ Online has updated with Issue 65.

Whilst we're in the middle of updates and issues, Adrian's Rojak Pot has update their Chunksize Optimization Guide, now v2.0.

More guides/digests/issues, DigitLife's Storage Digest is the focus this time.

Whilst we're at Digit Life, they've got all the info on Athlon and Duron overclocking article. Check it out.

Okay, this is just plain bizarre: order an action figure of yourself. Unda da water... an' G.I. Joe got stuck..."

Apparently, some french persons have made a PS2 emulator. It could be true, it could be false. I can't tell, it's in french and I'm damned lazy to open another window to translate the page with AltaVista. Hey, consider it an adventure.

PCInsight has had a wee bit o' a Q and A with Diane Vanasse of Nvidia. Interesting read.

Tech-Extreme have had enough of people saying the Pentium 4 isn't what it's supposed to be, so they've written this: A Misunderstood Processor - The Pentium 4.

Ooooooh, a new processor from AMD, designed with the extreme overclocker in mind, how cool is that?? It's going to be called The AMD Athlon Extreme OC Processor. I want one. I want one a lot. *cough*pisstake*cough*

Here's some PR blurb about the new AMD Duron 850mhz cpu (yes, yes, this one is real. :)

Inside Hardware has a comparo between the Elsa Gladiac MX and the PowerColor Evil KYRO. Cool, yet bizarre name for a video card. Evil KYRO. Hmmm... doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

Version 2.5 of the GeForce tweak utility is out. You need it, go get it. Thanks to the Guru of 3D. (Okay, so I'm running out of things to say here, so sue me.)

Part 3 of [H]ardOCP's Case Modding article is out.

This is quite funny: Design Your Own X-box Controller! Fun for the whole family.

Intel D815EEA motherboard - at Rizenet.
Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad Pro - at Hardware Avenue.
AMD Athlon 800mhz cpu - at Tech-Planet.
Hammerhead FX gamepad - at DreddNews.
SWIFTECH MC1001 hsf - at OCTools.

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