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Tues Lunch - Busy at Work (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 9-January-2001  12:01:04 (GMT +10) - by YYK

The new five dollar notes issued in Aussie doesn’t seem to be working in vending machines… but who are we to question the infinite wisdom of the Reserve Bank of Aussie?

Wanna get to Mars? Those nine or so months it takes to get there a little too long for your impatient little mind? Well then here’s the answer for you my friend.

Twentieth Century Fox can’t seem to get anything right, and now having learnt from their lessons of “marry a millionaire”, has released yet another silly reality program

Who is more hated than Hussein? Even more than Adolf? I tell you what; those Brits really love their polls, the answer is pretty cool, and you gotta hand it to him, he’s been working hard for it.

The rules of the great system, that is the US Patents have changed for genes… gotta love that!

The international sport of Darts just keeps getting more and more exciting with those enormous pay rises, all those endorsements those physically fit athletes get and to top it off - now they have streakers!

A nice little article about how great Google is… well duh!

Tough times ahead for Sean Combs it seems, well you know what they say: be careful what you wish/sing/rap/plagiarise for

When you think the Theatre can’t get any better, Kevin McCallister decides to throw his hat into the ring… may God have mercy on our soul.

Just when you’ve thought buying all those DVDs have been the right decision, along comes JVC with D-VHS… maybe that too, like DVDs, will be just a phase

To finish the news nicely, a nice article that will make men laugh, grimace and shake their heads at the stupidity of it all... cheers to "neko"!!!

ta ta my sweets!

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