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Tuesday night... ho hum, lotsa news. (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 9-January-2001  21:26:44 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Digit-life has reviewed three new cards from SUMA, a Korean-based company:the SUMA Platinum GeForce2 GTS 64MB, SUMA Platinum GeForce2 Pro 64MB and the SUMA Platinum GeForce2 MX PowerUp with SIF. Pfft, 'sif.

Some info from the forums: a cool (teehee) cold air duct from CoRDS, and some flashy things here from AmnesiA. You need a Divx decoder to see the flashy thing movie.

Got a rubbish chipset fan on your Abit KT7? Well, Tweakmax.Com have an article to help you replace that slow-moving piece of junk with something far better (and l33ter).

Those English-types love to stick together, for example Spode (from Spode's Abode) and Dr.Surlyjoe(from UpAvolt) have joined forced, but the combined efforts will still be known as Spode's Abode. I guess that means that Dr.Surlyjoe is sub-letting.

Insane Hardware has some new information about those credit card number thefts at Egghead.Com.

Got a Voodoo 4 or above? Voodoo4+ Runner is what you need. Nvidia-based cards usually gets all the attention, good to see someone cares about all those orphaned Voodoo cards.

Some more Tales of Woe at Maximum 3D. It's scary to think that things like this happen all too often.

TacoNuts has a SanDisk 16mb SmartMedia card to give away. I don't know if it's international or not. Give it a go anyway, can't hurt.

OCAddiction has a Best and Worst of 2000, including a Beer of The Year award. I vote for Hahn Premium Light, that stuff is just damn tasty.

Is Quake3 Art? Good question, I dunno, I don't play it enough, I'm more of a Counter-strike guy. Read the article, tres interesting. Thanks to Kazashi for the link.

Now this is just not fair!! First the cops get WRX's, now THIS!!! Join the police, get a uniform the chicks go for, get a gun, get to shoot people if they cut you off and now they get to drive Beamers! That's it, screw this geeking lark, I'm gonna be a Pig! (More so) Thanks to my mate Messiah, who'll be the first I pull over and harrass-...er, arrest when I get out there.

This is just silly: BCBoy's keyboard. Don't look very ergonomic to me. *shrug*

How to cool your video card down (literally). Trust me, there's a freezer involved. Good read, I love modding pages with lotsa pictures. I like pictures.

Finally, before I charge off to dinner, "Why Intel is Two-faced" over at SystemLogic.

Samsung 750s 17" monitor - at PC Stats.
Enermax EG451P-VE Review - at Club Overclocker.
Creative X-Gamer 5.1 Review - at Tech Extreme.
Abit VP6 motherboard review - at IamNotAGeek.Com.

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