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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 10-January-2001  10:57:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

This is completely unsubstantiated, but B5Lurker says When I was called by O@H today about a cable connection I was told as of this morning Monday, 8th January 2001 that installations of both the Warp speed pack and the Lightning Speed pack have increased by $200.. d'oh! I can't get it anyway. There's nothing on their press release page about it.. hmm.

Andrew sent in some info on Telstra's take on the whole Optus / Vodaphone merger thing.

After dicking around with Linux for a while, Corel are expected to do something else instead. Real Men use Debian anyway.

HardOCP have a SocketA chipset shootout going on, KT133 vs KT133A vs Ali DDR.

TweakTown checked out one of those little hangheld infra-red temp probe thingies. I want one. Got my firstborn here all packed up and ready to go. Tweaktown have their swanky new logo up, too..

Wired have a little thing on quantum computers.. and I thought they only made hard drives. :)

We've linked this before, but it's pretty, err, cool. PC in a fridge. As you do.

Apparently there's a patch to Q3 that gives you higher framerates. Not the old "run it in 320x200 mode" patch? :) Apparently not, more info here.

VIA 4-in-1 v4.28 is out, install at your own risk, if it kills your whole family I don't wanna know, yada yada.

Abit's VP6 dually FCPGA mobo apparently has an issue with SCSI cards, to be corrected in a future BIOS update.. more info here on HardOCP.

This is interesting, SeaLaunch will apparently video-stream their next rocket launch onto the net. You can see archival launch footage here. Thanks Grant.

Ooo, new book on Cryptography..

fUnc mousing surface on EXHardware.
Pioneer DVD-U05S SCSI DVD-ROM on CDRInfo.
Ricoh MP9120A IDE CDRW/DVD drive also on CDRInfo.
Opera 5.1.. a leading "alternative" web browser on Icrontic.com.
AMI HyperDisk ATA-100 IDE RAID controller on xbit.
AOpen AW754 sound card on Digit-Life.
Antec SX1030B midtower case on OCHW.

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