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Wednesday night... payday tomorrow!!! Woohoo! I can eat again! (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 10-January-2001  22:09:34 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Just got back from having dinner at my mate's place, and his son has just learnt to say "Sciby". I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing, he keeps yelling at me to do stuff: "Sciby, up!", "Sciby, play!". Gawd.

The Tech Zone have updated their hardware price guide. Danger, danger, US prices! *ahem* Sorry.

A new Australian case modding site has sprung up: Casemods Melbourne. (Must be a Victorian thing) Anyway, it seems they practice what they preach, they've heavily modded their server case.

Some news about the new ASUS CUV266 Mainboard. Apparently it's lost PC133 sdram support.

Sheep looks like a bizarre, yet addictive game. FiringSquad have completed a review about it.

Scared to go to the next level with your case modding project? Afraid of soldering and live, sparking electricity? Well, Tweakmeister's can help: they've written a happy little article on LED's, fans and regulators, and how to use them without killing yourself.

Procooling has stopped cooling stuff to hack away at a Palm IIIx, not because they could, but because they had to.

We all know a guy who's just the l33test computer guru, he knows it all, even when he's got it all wrong, he's still right. (I'm one of 'em) But Tech Extreme have found a bit of a standout: meetthis Gateway Dude. He knows it all.

Ah, this article at Ugo.Com takes the "Wazzup?" bud beer ads, just a *little* too seriously. Thanks to TrustNo1. Right.

Hah! Motorola is striking back with a new G4, the G4+! JC's has got the goods, about time Apple got a good processor out. Speaking of which, Apple have annouced their new Titanium Powerbook and the PowerMac G4-733. Tres sexy. I've already asked work to buy me one. They asked me to leave the room.

Whilst we're still talking about Apple stuff, Samson pointed out some information that he spat out in the forums. Very interesting news about what Apple's got coming out. I even put in my two cents. :) (and like I could help myself)

ExtremeCooling.Org have written an article on resolving graphical problems. One graphical problem is getting rid of that weird intro screen. *ahem* I'm okay now.

Here's some pricing for Optus@Home's Warp and Lightning deals. (see Agg's post below to understand what the hell I'm talking about) Thanks to B5Lurker and Snoopy for the information.

TacoNuts has opened their own case mod gallery. Woohoo.

How to rip off MacDonalds: Bob's been found! Have a free dessert.

Finally, here's a good collection of overclocking links, plus a few local articles.

Rounded Hard Drive IDE Cables Review - at Gaming in 3D.
nVidia GeForce2 MX card roundup - at Extreme Overclocking.
SMC Barricade 4-Port Internet Router - at NeoSeeker.
Abit VP6 motherboard - at PCScoop.

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