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Super Orb + Shim = Bad! (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 11-January-2001  21:18:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Damnit, killed another CPU. Ok, get it over with, everyone stand in a circle, point and laugh at Agg. Right.

The story: Copper shim and Super Orb. Apparently, as I discovered 5 minutes after frying my Tbird950 that occasionally did 1160MHz, "everyone knows that's instant CPU death". Well, I didn't, and I'm betting a lot of you didn't either. The problem is this ridge on the bottom of the Super Orb:

click for larger images

This ridge rests on the shim and means, even though the heatsink feels snug on the socket/shim, the cpu core is actually not touching the heatsink.. hmm, bad. AMD rate the cores to, what, 8 seconds without a heatsink? I got to the POST screen, hit Del to go into the BIOS screen, suddenly all the fans on the machine sped up, then it shut itself off. Inspecting the CPU revealed burn marks on the ceramic around the core and, incredibly, on the BACK of the ceramic package - it was mighty hot for the last few of those 8 seconds. :)

What would I do differently? Next time, I'll assemble the heatsink/shim/cpu, then strip it down and make sure there's thermal paste being obviously squished out between the core and sink. I was reluctant to pull the assembly apart too much due to the previously chipped core - click here for a pic of that massive missing chunk if you missed a few days ago.

Durons for me from now on I think, getting too expensive to play this game with $400 Tbirds.

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