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Thursday Night #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 11-January-2001  23:10:02 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Interesting thing about the Asus A7V in an Anandtech Forum thread, thanks Mike. I've not fully read it, but the responses are interesting in themselves.. :)

Apparently the CoolBits registry hack (which you can get, incidentally, from an OCAU mirror here) doesn't work on Detonators 6.50 and above. On lower versions, CoolBits enables hardware overclocking of your NVIDIA-based video card. TweakTown have a guide which shows you how to re-enable overclocking using those higher-version Detonators.

Some Canadian overclocking silliness on CAD. Taking the cold-ambient-air thing a bit too far..

Icrontic.com have a guide to Adding A Blue Orb & Removing BIOS Chip From The KT7.. okey dokey.

Windows streaks ahead of the opposition in the vital "who's webserver product is hacked the most" stakes.

SysReview have a petition against CPRM. I dunno how effective these things are, but CPRM is genuinely Evil and it only takes a few seconds to sign this petition, so I did.

Speaking of Evil, IRC is apparently under attack from nasty haX0rs.. no, really. Thanks Romio.

Digit-life have a CDR Media Roundup..

They also have a thing on digital audio recording which I understood not at all.

Another depressing story about how web advertising sucks.. [covers ears] ..thanks (a lot), Manaz. :)

However, I note now that Encyclopaedia Britannica's website seems to be free again. I posted excitedly over a year ago when it came online and was free, then grumpily 6 months or so ago when they (apparently) decided advertising wasn't making enough money for the site and started charging a subscription, and now I'm excited again because it seems to be free, with banners, again. One of those sites you can literally spend years exploring.

OCOnline have compared a few VIA 4-in-1 driver versions and shared their results..

ProCooling ask Are Pre-Tested CPU's Worth It?.

TheTechZone have their wrap-up of the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show.

Malleus points out that the Australian Broadcasting Authority has issued a take down notice to a major Australian ISP requiring them to remove newsgroups containing illegal material. Ahh. Another pointless exercise involving the Aust Govt and the Internet - your tax dollars at work. More info here on WhirlPool and here on Kuro5hin.org.

P4 1.3GHz retail box on sale in Japan.

Low Profile Orb on Neoseeker.
Apollo Pro 266 chipset review on VIA HW.

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