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Sunday lunchtime..... hmmm... I'm hungry. (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 14-January-2001  15:12:05 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

First up, we've got a couple of pieces sent in by Simon W: cutting cpu's open, which will make you wince and go "Awwww... no, don't do that!" *warning: contains engrish*, and someone that's running their Celeron 566 at twice the rated speed. Nice.

Extreme Overclockers has Slot 1 Gorb to fit on an old SECC Celeron. Ah, modding, gotta love it.

Some people who own damn fine cars, like to make them even finer and fill them with high-end audio systems, and occasionally, you'll see a Playstation or DVD player pop up. But it seems there's a bit push for mobile entertainment. If only I had a better car...

Alchemy has sent in this. It'd go well with a tin of mints

TacoNuts have updated their modding case gallery.

Komson has overclocked his P3-700e to 1152mhz. Not incredible nerve-tingling, but still...

Erg, information overload! Neat though, thanks to Morgan.

Amdmb.Com has updated their Asus A7V FAQ, with information on bios updates, lockups on booting and VIA drivers.

MSI has released a new bios for their K7T Pro2-A motherboard and you can get it here.

IQ-Hardware has tested a VIA KT133a motherboard with a Duron 600, running at 6 x 150mhz. Wooooo... chills.

Here's some new dual motherboards from Asus: the CUV4X-D and the CUV4X-DLS, which adds onboard LAN and SCSI.

Two articles from Spode's Abode: a jam jar as a watercooling resevoir, and apparently a RAID article, but it doesn't seem to be there, or have a link on the front page. Oh well, I'll leave it in, it might be up later.

GigaByte 8TX i850 motherboard review - at Digit Life.
Mushkin PC-133 128MB Rev3 HSDRAM - at Acid Hardware.
Ricoh WR7083A CDR/RW - at The Ctrl-Alt-Del.Com.
Iwill's KK266-R "Overclocking" Motherboard Review - at Club Overclocker.
Yamaha 16X SCSI CDRW burner - at Icrontic.Com.
Shuttle AV30 DR266 Motherboard - at Fullon 3D.

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