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Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 16-January-2001  11:07:06 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Wow, attack of the freaky Sydney weather yesterday. Baking hot temperatures, big wind-storms snapping branches off trees etc, huge areas of Sydney without power, cops all over the place.. seems to be blissfully overcast today tho.

Slashdot.org are having a look at case mods again. No mention of the PCDB tho, I see! [mutter]

InsaneHardware claim to have some Tualatin pics/info. No, not some rare species of flightless bird, it's Intel's new P3. However, a few people pointed out that VIAHardware are giving them a hefty front-page he-bitch man-slap, saying the pics are actually Coppermine D photos, and the info is wrong. I haven't seen a rebuttal from IH yet. You decide.

Pengo points out a letter to Telstra asking a "please explain" on their broadband policies.

Also, an interesting article about online advertising on somethingawful.com. Hmm, I'm getting all depressed again now..

BBSpot project Microsoft's next 25 years.. hehe.

TE have some info on AC3, SBLive5.1 and Win2K.. some apparent compatability issues there.

A sneak-peek of MS Whistler on PCMech..

Intel have inhaled Xircom.. details on the Reg.

Digit-Life have an analysis of the NVIDIA NV20..

Corsair and Mushkin SDRAM on ExtremeOC.
Monitor Shelf on OC-Cafe. Not sure I'd be doing that in this Sydney heat.
AverTV USB Tv Tuner on LWD.
Abit KT7A-RAID on FlamingSheep.
Mouse Bungee on DreddNews. Compare our review here.
CoolerMaster DP5-6H51 socket cooler on ExtremeDK.
Hercules Prophet II MX on Rizenet.
Iwill KA266-R DDR Athlon mobo on BXBoards. A couple of other sites were pimping their "exclusive press release" of this board today and BXBoards whipped out a full review. Go Andy! :)

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