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Tuesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 17-January-2001  00:10:32 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Greetings all. Yes, I'm back from holidays, ready, willing and able to post all sort of irrelevant inforation, links and stories, and somehow call it all "News". Anyway, on with the show....

Given that Agg recently killed a Socket-A Athlon processor (I can still hear the sobbing from when he gave me all the gory details), he (and others who have done such a thing) can hopefully take heart in knowing that at least you didn't do it twice. To a friend's processor at that.

Azrael pointed out that Telstra BigPond now have a usage monitoring tool for users on the Freedom Plan. If this applies to you, expect an email from Telstra shortly. From what I can make of it, it will be somewhat similar to Optus@Home's "My Netstats" tool....

Morgan pointed out this page, for those of you who are paranoid about your PC's registry being hacked over the Internet. I don't know if what it says is correct, so I leave it u to you to judge for yourself if such a procedure is necessary.

Cav and Wolfy both pointed out this page, with instructions on getting Linux to work with the A7V's ATA100 controller.

Skibum pointed out that H-Oda seems to have stopped downloads and support of several of his popular utilities, including WPCRSET and SoftFSB. Browsing his site, the FAQ has been removed as well, as have the Guides he had published. There doesn't seem to be any explaination as to why this has happened on the site, if anyone knows, feel free to email us.

Some interesting information about the latest CD copy protection schemes. Pointed out by Kazashi, and provided as a link by us for theoretical educational purposes only.

[H]ard|OCP have posted a quick GeForce 2 Chipset Comparison, based on reference cards made by Visiontek (who make all nVidia's reference boards).

OCAddiction have thoughtfully posted PDF documents containing templates for different sized blowholes. Download them, print them, use them to cut holes in your case. Couldn't be simpler!

OCAddiction have also posted an exclusive press release from IWill regarding their new DDR motherboard for Intel Pentium III processors.

There's a new site in town. RAzOR recently opened the online doors to Overwear Online, and is celebrating by giving away a couple of heatsinks as prizes in a competition.

Get a load of this for a WCPUID screenshot. Unfortunately Alex didn't give any further details on the system which achieved this performance - and I don't read Slovenian....

And just when you thought you might get a day of news without IT being mentioned, -=IcE=- sent in the following....
"maybe coincidence,but last night i was surfing my austar channels and came upon a program on the life style channel,that was reporting on a fantastic new invention....a personal airship thing!apparently you harness yourself to the underside of this mini blimp filled with helium,strap some wing/airpaddles on to youre arms and of you go!looked like heaps of fun,although the contraption is confined to indoors only as the slightest gust of wind renders the flying wonder completely uncontrollable:)quite amusing stuff!is this related tö "IT" by chance? the program was called "Exccentriiiks".why its spelt that way is beyond me,but there it is!"
Having said that, it turns out the inventor of the mysterious IT says we're all over-reacting.
The plot thickens (or is that the mud clouding the crystal ball)....


  • Jab (and Chris Nolan, though Jab beat him to the punch) pointed out that 2CPU.com have reviewed the Abit VP6 motherboard. As a bonus, the review also mentions a utility from IBM for improving the performance of 75GXP model drives, at the expense of a slightly noisier drive. Note that this utility is NOT suitable for ANY drive which isn't in the 75GXP range. And nor do we (Overclockers Australia) condone, support or suggest that you use it, so if your hard drive grinds to a rather noisy and expensive halt, please don't come crying to us about it.
  • 3DRage have a review of the MSI K7T PRO 2-A Motherboard. The site seems very slow for me though, so it might take a bit of time to load.
  • X-bit labs have reviewed the Asus A7M266 Motherboard. See what they think of it here.
  • There's a review of the Creative Annihilator 2 MX with DDR Memory here on I am Not a Geek dot com.

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