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Thursday night... (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 18-January-2001  22:23:59 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Firstly, happy birthday to Sam "Grimraeper (I'm not dyslexic)" Moffitt, who turns 18 tomorrow (Friday), w00t! Now, don't drink too much mate, it'll be your first sip of alcohol, don't want you going too wild. :) (Can I come to the party?)

Cool interview with Kyle Bennett of [H]ard|OCP over at Mofos.Org. Features a lot of abuse.

Check out this Duron with a 160mhz FSB. Woooh, I's got da chills. Sorry, I'm tired, my level of excitement is low.

This is interesting: the heatsinks of the future may have hundreds of tiny fans instead of one big one. Thanks to Agg for the link. ;)

I haven't looked for ages, but we've been told that Mad Onion has changed/updated it's website. Quote: "My PC sounds like a Boeing 747, and I like it." As you do.

Are you like 99.9% of IT professionals who like absolute power? Here's some evil things you can do to your co-workers. I like remotely killing processes on other workstations. :D

CPUReview has a bit of a editoral aimed at Microsoft Whistler, called *ahem* "Whistle(r) Blowing". It concerns the report that Whistler will generate a key, based on your computer's hardware at the time of installation. This could prove annoying/expensive to hardware and software reviewers wanting to test stuff with Whistler. Naughty MS. Daddy smack.

Ooooooh dear, it's showdown time at the Mousepad Corral. *ahem* Anyhoo, TacoNuts has done the comparo of four mousepads: A Ratpadz, Everglide, sUrface (sic) 1030 and a cheapo mousepad.

Feel like showing your ugly mug to the world? Have a perv at the new Logitech QuickCam Traveller, which works both as a digital still camera and a webcam. Grooooovy.

Here we have an article on how to deal with that nasty condensation, which will kill that CPU in about 0.3 seconds if it appears. Or it'll at least corrode things a bit. Yeeeuuky. Article is written around socket's though.

Finally, a warning from Highpoint.Com:


ABIT KT7-RAID users:

If you are running HPT370 BIOS version 1.0.3/1.0.3b, be wary of ABIT's current BIOS update for the KT7-RAID motherboard.
This "WT" version was released on 12/12/00 and will downgrade the HPT370 BIOS revision to 1.0.0622.
This downgrade could create problems with your RAID array (the array may be disabled).
You may want to contact ABIT for information about this BIOS update:


Hmmm.... scary shtuff. Thanks to Gary_J for the info.

Epox 8KTA3 KT133A Motherboard Review - at AMDMB.Com.
OCZ Coolers review - at IamNotAGeek.Com. Right. I believe you.

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