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Sunday morning... case moddin' day! (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 21-January-2001  14:33:38 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Yes indeedy, I started work on the new OCAU server last night, cutting a very large hole in the front for a nice blowhole. Will be cleaning that up today, plus painting the thing, mainly because I can. :) Agg: That is, of course, the new CS server, not a new webserver..

Mofos.Org has done a Portrait of a Website, featuring [H]ard|OCP. Tres cool read.

Sex dolls have taken another leap into the future, thanks to an Australian scientist. The love doll is controlled by PC, and here's a quote: "The doll itself will be essentially passive, but certain key body parts would be motor driven, the patent says." Hmmm, we'll be requesting a review unit as soon as they hit the market.

Those crazy Slovenians at Slo-Tech have a bucketload of silver and made cooling blocks! And we all know that silver is a better thermal conductor than copper, don't we kiddies? :)

It seems that Extreme Overclocking has killed so many cpu's, they're now giving them away, as keyrings. Doesn't say if it's international or not.

Vindaloo has done a complete article of his case mods and paintjob that we posted in the news just recently. Looks purty.

Tim Armstrong doesn't want to know about laptops, he wanted to make his Duron fully portable, and he's done it in a very cool way.

Another comp, this time from Club Overclockers: you could win a Blizzard Intercooler Kit with Peltier. Again, doesn't say if it's US only or international.

Now THIS is a very sexy, professional mod job. Makes my hack and slash jobs look horrible. *sniffle* Thanks to Jong for the link.

According to the US Surgeon General, violent media and video games are harmful to children. Well, duh. Thanks to B5Lurker.

][ellfire from IRC and the forums is organizing a bulk waterblock order from Cool Computers. 15% discount is to be had, if you believe the forum postings.

Okay, this is just plain unfair: Overclocking.DK had a reader submit screenshots of WcpuID and Sandra benchmarks. A 1.2 Tbird running at 1439mhz. With just a standard FOB38 and 12cm fan. *shakes head*

Live in Darwin? Want to own some people face to face? Well, check out the DGA (Darwin Gamers Assoc?). There's pictures on that page from their last Lan also.

W00t, first New Scientist, now Australian PC World! In the January issue, page 112, Overclockers.Com.Au is recommended to someone who wants to know about overclocking. As well they should be pointed here! Welcome to the people who got here via way of Aus PC World mag. :) Thanks to theone333 for the info.

The GeForce FAQ at http://www.geforcefaq.com/ has been updated again, it's now version 17.5. Thanks to XG8.

News from SlashDot, by way of Pengo (thanks moit), wearable translators, the reason why all of Star Treks characters speak fluent english, is becoming a reality.

Overclock.Co.Uk has gathered together, what they believe is the definitive freeware collection. Hey, if it's free, it can't be bad. Can it?

Finally, an alternative use for thumbscrews. Hmmm... not really that alternative, but *shrug*, whatever boils your water.

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