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Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 26-January-2001  11:17:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Happy Australia Day!

Looks like things are starting to happen on the SMP Athlon front, info in our own SMP Forum, thanks Manaz and Chris.

HardOCP have a massive Socket A Cooler Roundup, 10 units featured with all the big names showing up.

Guru3D have a guide to building a PC.

Wired have some info on why MicroSoft sites have been slowly disappearing over the last few days, missing for up to 23 hours in some cases. DNS misconfiguration - I bet someone in the Microsoft campus is being spanked pretty hard right now..

Mike sent in a link to a claimed successful solution to dual FCPGA P3 on Abit's BP6.. very interesting. Shame my BP6 is a little busy right now. :)

QLD peeps looking for bargains might want to head over to the Sunday Market at Hurcotte St, Enogerra, QLD - thanks luke.

OCCafe have updated their Detonator Comparison and note that v6.72 is a bogus driver, don't use it. It changes your start page to some German page.

XtremeTek have a list of Hardware Acronyms..

Omnibot vs Aibo, two toy robots go head-to-head. Man, I remember so wanting one of those Omnibots (they were sold over here by Tandy, can't remember what they called them).. back when I was a little geek.

This German site has a comparo of 3 "silent coolers". They included the dreaded Titan Majesty Twins, the original one we had the scoop on here.

It's lucky that alchemy pointed this out while Sciby is away in Perth, he'll be devastated.. Sega are pulling out of the console market, no more DreamCasts..

Spode have modded a mystery purple cooler for SocketA. Hmm, that looks to me like a purple-adonized GlobalWin FDP-32, from the PPGA days. Still got a couple of those monsters lying around here somewhere.

TheClaw game controller on Busted-Ass. Seems to like it. :)
Gigabyte GA-7ZXR KT133A SocketA mobo on BXBoards.
Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom digicam on DansData, he likes it too.
Fanbus on RipNet.

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