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Sunday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 28-January-2001  14:46:10 (GMT +10) - by Agg

BXBoards took a 1.6GHz P4 and cranked it up to 1.76GHz, benchies etc here.

MadMike points out Anand saying that there will not be 1.3GHz Athlons released on Monday.

The GeForce FAQ has been updated, thanks XG8.

Heh, mofos.org have been taking the piss out of a few large HW sites lately, now they get a taste of their own medicine from IANAG.

Here's some feedback about the LED-swap optical mouse mod.. some good, some bad.

Hypothermia are giving away 2x 30GB IBM HDD's..

OffTopic Stuff:
Sounds like alchemy spends too much time on slashdot, he sent a few things in - firstly, if it wasn't bad enough being way out in the middle of nowhere and freezing your volcanoes off, people are now saying that Pluto isn't really a planet anymore. Bah, it'll always be a planet to me. Also, using the :-( "frowny" emoticon - or even if you've used it in the past - you're gettin' sued by the copyright owner*. Finally, a very cool ascii webcam thingy.

A few people pointed out that Ericsson are going to stop making mobile phones - info here on Wired and here on Shortnews (link doesn't work for me). Nokia 0wns j00!

If you've got any files stored on JustOn, grab 'em quick because they are shutting down soon.. thanks Michael.

Another interesting "number of hacks sorted by O/S" page here, thanks Moldy. NT tops the list unsurprisingly.

According to the FTC, DoubleClick are not Evil. I mention this, of course, because DC are going to be handling OCAU's banner ads from now on and some people expressed concerns to me about DC's privacy record.

AMD Duron 850 on Hexus.
Gigabyte GA-GF2000 GeForce2 GTS video card on Digit-Life.
LinkSys EtherFast 2-port PrintServer on PCStats.
Mosel Vitelic PC143 RAM on HWDaily.

* This one is a joke. No, really. I just thought you might be unsure. :)

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