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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 7-February-2001  09:58:53 (GMT +10) - by Agg

NVIDIA have released a new set of official drivers for their range of video cards.. Detonator 3 out now, thanks B5lurker and a few others. 8Balls are already comparing them to earlier ones.

Here's an Athlon running at 400MHz (DDR) FSB.. thanks Allan.

The Alpha PEP66 is one of the most effective SocketA coolers ever made, but for some people it's still not good enough.. OCTools had to go modding it.

ARP got a Celly2 600MHz to 800+.. like everyone else. :)

Manaz points out this thread on AMDMB.com where people are discussing the possibility of flashing an A7V133 bios onto a normal A7V. Hmm, be careful.. I think Manaz is experimenting with this at the moment on his own board, perhaps we'll hear some results soon.

Guru3D have some watercooling happening, nothing too amazing. Interesting idea for holding the jacket onto the socket.

Overclockers.UK have a SocketA Cooler Roundup posted. Link seems to be dead for me.

3DSpotlight have updated their system startup guide, full of tweaks to get you booting faster.

Morjo wants everyone to read and sign this DreamCast Petition.. hmm, this one may be a little late I suspect. Sciby, you're only allowed to sign once, ok? :)

DrR0M says: Just thought I'd drop you a line & let you know that Not all Wk51 KT133A's will do 160fsb - that's utter rubbish. The Northbridge on my KT7A is:
0051CD Taiwan
Simply is NOT stable at anything above 145 fsb, period. Runs higher yes, useful NO.
Fair enuff, looks like yesterday's info from OCWB was no good..

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