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Counter-strike server update. (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 11-February-2001  23:25:37 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Evening everyone, time for an update on what's been happening with the new CS box... as most of you know, the old box we had was borrowed and had to be given back. The server has been running on an interm P2-266 that has been *sort* of coping, but it can be retired now (read: shot in the head), because we have the new server almost ready, just needs the OS installed and it's ready to rock.

Depending on resources, I'll be setting up two CS services, on different ports. The first one will be running all the standard maps, normal grav, it'll be Counter-strike out of the box. The second server will be running non-standard maps, and we can change the grav now and then (although I hurl easily in zero G's). It should also be noted that the second server will also be passworded at infrequent times and used for private games/wars, etc. So if you can't get in, just wait for a little while, or go play on the first service. :)

Thank you to everyone who offered parts, money, support, the response was literally overwhelming... I posted the request for donations on my coffee break one morning, by lunchtime I had enough hardware offered to built a few servers! But we only needed one. :)

Finally, there'a few people to thank, and the reasons for thanking them:

Henry Tam - who kindly donated the DFI PA61 motherboard for the server.
Russell Tomkins - who kindly donated the (unlocked) P2-400 CPU.
TheGibbon - who kindly donated 256mb of Kingmax RAM.
Voodoo from MOS - who kindly donated a whole bunch of fans, including the massive 120mm Sunon 105 CFM monster. I almost lost my cat to that thing.
Dan Yarrow - who kindly donated the Intel NIC and for co-admining the servers so far.
Aggster - for kindly donating the Aopen case, which I promptly cut a hole in and threw black paint at it.
The security guy at work - for not staring at me too much when he comes into the loading dock to find me spraypainting an empty, stripped down metal frame.

And that's pretty much it, it'll be only one or two more days until it's up, but the interm server is still up, and if you use the address cs.overclockers.com.au you won't even notice the changeover. :)

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