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Tuesday Morning #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 13-February-2001  11:09:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Primus reckon they will be installing my ADSL on Friday morning!

Manaz is organising to bring a load more Panaflo Fans into the country. These are great fans and very quiet. I'm grabbing a few for the Big Kahuna 'coz I missed out last time.

Not many people experience this firsthand, but Andypoo discovered, when it happened on his proxy machine, that Linux PC uptime counters start again from 0 after 497.1026963 days. :) Because, of course, 497*24*3600*100 ~= 2^32. Here's a google query if you want to hunt for more info.

The guy behind the GeForce->Quadro hack has discovered that you can do a similar thing to Radeons.. converting a Radeon LE to normal Radeon. Bit of a demon with the soldering iron, that lad.

ProCooling have a guide to building a closed-loop watercooling system.

Kazashi points out this Detonator Comparison Database for Win2K and Win9X.

Digit-life have a guide to.. uhhmm.. visualisation of convolution surfaces.. owww, my head hurts. Some pretty hardcore 3D theory.

Interesting watercooling project happening on PJPower.

TE have an article on Magnetic RAM, what they're calling the wave of the future..

LoneWolf pointed out this Australian pre-modded case company, AlienMedia.

Some dual blorb action (front and back of a GTS) on RipNet.

Mathias said If you post this article on your News-Page, I will drink 5 beer for you! Sounds good, it's a german article about mounting a modified Slot1 Alpha on an FCPGA CPU, neato. Right, where's my beer.. ohh.. HE'LL drink them.. aww, crap.

Win y'self one of 5 cases (computer cases, not cases of beer) on CaseEtc.

VFX3D Virtual Reality helmet.. ooohh.. on digit-life.
TwinMOS PC166 SDRAM on VR-Zone. Yes, I know PC166 isn't a standard.
Mushkin High Perf Rev 3 SDRAM on JSI.
Netgear RT314 Cable/DSL Router on G3D.

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