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Thursday Morning #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 15-February-2001  10:41:13 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Put shirt in satchel, write on satchel, put satchel in bag.. put shirt in satchel, write on satchel, put satchel in bag.. anyone got a spare assembly-line robot I can borrow? :)

Tim points out that the OCAU SETI@HOME Team has broken 50 years of CPU time. The little green men will be knocking on our door any minute now!

This has to be the most spectacular foot-shoot I've seen in a while, seems Asus are shipping porn instead of drivers on the CD included with one of their video cards.. about a zillion people sent this in. :) Didn't take long for the jokes about Asus Probe to start!

Hmm, Spode tried a new way of applying thermal paste and had some interesting results..

Dan's reviewed a couple of peices of wire.. using your USB ports as a power supply for, say, charging your mobile phone. Hmm, neato.. where does he find this stuff?

PlanetGeForce send word that NVIDIA's XBOX GPU has been sent to fab, ie, they're actually making it now. Further, if you want to hear a conference call about NVIDIA's Q4'00 financials, head over to here at 5:00pm US east-coast time.. whenever that is.

SocketA copper shim reviewed on TechnoYard.

Just in time for Valentines Day in the US, digit-life reviewed a couple of AOpen motherboards.. the "Sweet Kiss" (aww) and "Black Beauty" (worry). They also have a thing on GeForce T&L Performance.

The KT7 FAQ has been updated. Hurrah.

OCOnline have a 4-way SocketA cooler roundup.. including perhaps the silliest of the "slap big fans on an FDP-32 heatsink" brigade, featuring 2 stacks of 2 fans.. [shakes head]

"Ungrateful Ninja" sent a link to an easter egg archive, lots of hidden things in programs, movies, books etc.

GeoffD1 sent in a few things.. firstly this amusing Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter, perhaps the most bizarre O/S shootout I've seen.. also this *ahem* completely impartial listing, on an MSN site, of the "Top 10 Products of CES" which unsurprisingly lists the Microsoft XBox as #1. More impartial cutting-edge journalism on another MSN site, this time an interview, no doubt completely unscripted, about the new Windows XP (nee Whistler) product. That nice man makes it sound so easy to use, I just want to rush right out and buy it.

Finally, IANAG reviewed the ThermalTake Volcano II. Non-orbular cooling from TT..

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