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Sunday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 18-February-2001  12:57:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg


Digit-Life have cranked out another great comparo, this time pretty much every CPU and chipset family is represented, this is a biggie and definitely worth checking out..

DoDg3 put some pics of his cool modded system into the forums. Love the GT stripes. :)

Got an IBM drive making odd noises, got you worried? TheGibbon pointed out this page which has sound samples you can listen to, of drives with various faults, to try and identify if yours has a problem. What a cool but simple idea..

MWP put up some info on a VIO Voltage mod on the P3V4X which helped him run his RAM at higher speed..

AwareMag had a go at modding a cheapy case - while Spode rips into a more expensive one..

TheTechZone went and checked out the offices of ACT Labs, makers of joysticks, wheels etc.. TheGameDen was there too, they have pics and info also.

Fullon3D have added a Radeon Section to their site..

Silvos says: LanDAG Computer Gaming has an event on the 4th March. Bring your computer along and play your favouritemultiplayer computer games against other people. This event is held at Cranebrook near Penrith, West of Sydney. The cost for this event is $10. Starts at 8am Sunday and and runs for 12 Hours. Contact Daniel on 0414678944 for more info. Register or view more information on line at www.dag.net.au..

Don't forget MPU is on this coming Saturday, probably too late to register to play now, but $3 at the door lets you be a spectator - Andypoo will be selling OCAU tshirts there and it seems there'll be a lot of OCAU people, myself included, turning up to this one..

Digit-Life have a Sound FAQ posted, more on the physics side than soundcard-specific info..

Dunno if you've noticed this, but the phrase "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" has become something of a catchcry in the HardOCP forums and hence across much of the hardware/overclocking scene.. apparently the phrase was taken from a badly-translated game intro. Andypoo sent in this link which has a flash anim of the intro followed by a techno tribute with lots of cleverly modified images.. quite well done, I found it strangely compelling and watched it a couple of times, whether or not you find it actually funny is up to you.. :) Andy also set up a mirror which works better for people using Linux.

Rounded Cables on AcidHardware. Our cheaper solution here.
3DfxCool Socket AHO cooler on OverWear.
CPUfx Ramsinks on ClubOC. Hmm, bizarre.
Epox 8KTA3 SocketA KT133A mobo on Xoverclocker. Duron 600 @ 155Mhz FSB, not too shabby.
The Core socket cooler on Hexus..
MSI K7T Pro2a SocketA KT133 mobo on HardAvenue.
Boston Accoustics 7500 speakers on GideonTech..
Enermax 80mm Thermally-controlled fan on ClubOC.

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