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Friday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 23-February-2001  11:18:30 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Wow.. I think yesterday was a record day for news. :) Thanks JimX and Sciby! I tried to do a small update at about 1:30AM but it was eaten by a Primus DNS error.. grr.

MWP has updated the PCDB code again - quite a few cosmetic improvements but the major fixes were getting it to work properly with IE, Netscape and Opera - no simple task. Netscape pauses for a few seconds while it renders some of the pages, but otherwise it all works fine. Check out the sexy rating bars.. :)

Speaking of sexy, GeForce3 slips ever closer to being actually available (to people with WAAAAAY too much toy money) .. new press release from NVIDIA up on a zillion sites including HardOCP.

Heh, another knowledgebase article, this time from Compaq, that Support people will be able to relate to.. thanks Willmeister.

More Linux Kernel 2.4.2 info - Ozone writes: for people who don't keep up with kernel ChangeLogs, 2.4.2 fixes a serious IDE multimode write bug, and a really annoying problem with extra nulls on the tails of files with ReiserFS, so people who run 2.4.0/2.4.1 really, really want to upgrade. Get it from kernel.org - there's a list of Australian mirrors here. Ozone points out another good reason to upgrade, on BBSpot. :)

Sven points out something that appears to be a PDA running Linux..?

HardOCP have an Asus and Soyo KT133A mobo head-to-head.

There's a circuit description for a USB temp monitor on EDNmag.com.. I admit, my brain turned to mush midway through the 2nd paragraph. Thanks StratosFear.

Redback sent this in: It appears that the music industry may finally be accepting that the MP3 digital music format is legitimate, and here to stay. Sony, who along with being a major force in the consumer electronics market, are also a major record label owner, have made an external USB CD-RW drive which also functions as a stand-alone MP3 player. It's called the Sony Digital Relay.

DrClaw points out a new Aussie free-email-to-SMS-with-ads site.. mobemail.com.au.

Asus A7M266, a SocketA AMD760 (DDR) motherboard, on OCOnline.
Antec SX1030 Case on RizeNet. They call it "stylin" which I'm assuming is good.
Blizzard copper heatsink on flipchip.net.

Right.. back to my day job as a tshirt factory drone.. :)

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