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Saturday Noon (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 24-February-2001  12:03:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few people sent this in: there's a video of Steve (Apple) Jobs showing off NVIDIA's GeForce3. On this page click the link "Jobs unveils "amazing" Geforce 3" and pick your preferred player/speed. Steve crows about it being on the Mac first of course, but calls up an NVIDIA guy to show off some rendering, and then calls up John (id Software) Carmack to show off some preview stuff from "our next game", presumably Doom3. The breathlessly-excited marketing speak gets a little tiresome but the graphics are certainly impressive. Nothing that made me leap out of my chair compared to the GeForce2 but some of the Doom3 models are pretty amazing, worth a look if you've got the bandwidth to check it out. Mike pointed out that John Carmack's .plan has a big dissertation on his (positive) feelings about the GeForce3. More info about the GF3 on TheRegister. Update:Pleb points out that you can get a non-streaming version of the file here if you want to save to your hdd. 13MB zip file.

Wired reports that people are forming emotional bonds with little robotic doggies.

The unnamed Geocities page has more info on Radeon Hacking, changing your Radeon LE into a proper Radeon with a soldering iron and BIOS flash.. this way works better than the previous way apparently.

If that previous link made no sense to you whatsoever, go read TR's Radeon Review and get yerself learned.

Just noticed this new entry in the PCDB Gallery.. could you squeeze a few more buttons and knobs on your front there, Widowmaker? :) Nice setup. This one from Tasmaniac is pretty cool & unusual too.

Funky fan grills on a GeoCities site.

A homemade water-jacket on Spode's.. made from money! Governments generally frown upon defacement of currency, guys. :)

Another new site: OCMOD.COM. They have a few articles up already..

A quite bizarre-looking socketA cooler from Canopus, who we more readily associate with expensive video cards these days. The review's in japanese, translate with babelfish.

There's a comparative analysis of DDR SDRAM on RealWorldTech.. thanks David.

I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for these guys or laugh cruelly.. I suspect the latter, though. I was first intrigued by the comment "I would not expect any negative thoughts, Either post it postive or don't!" in their news announcement email. Go read the review of the GlobalWin Istorm on PCExtremeTech.. the comments at the bottom are much more entertaining than the review. :) I have to say, testing a cooler without using a thermometer is pretty dodgy, you can get one for a few bucks at the chemist or Tandy-type shop or borrow one from your mum even, they always have them. :) They also reviewed the Vantec Bay Freezer but seem to have turned the comments script off.. it's a cruel scene when you're just starting out! Stick with it, guys. :)

TEAC CD-W58E and CD-W512EB IDE CDRW drives on Digit-Life.
Implosion FT1000 case on IANAG.
Icemat glass mousepad on BlueSmoke.
EKL socket heatsink on MikhailTech.
DDR266 1.2GHz Athlon on AkibaPC. It's in Japanese, translate with babelfish.
Gigabyte GA-7ZMM SocketA mobo on PCHardware.

Right! I'm off to MPU!

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