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Tuesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-February-2001  12:58:20 (GMT +10) - by Agg

"Hannibal" is a very disturbing movie. :)

There's a couple of USD price guides on 3DRage and SystemLogic.

Well, things can't be going too badly in the online media world if Dan's just bought himself a new Ferrari.. it's an RC model kit, of course, and unsurprisingly Dan has quite a lot to say about it. :)

Apparently people flogging bits out of other people's PC's at LAN parties is not as rare as you might expect.. however with one of these things wired up inside your case you should be able to leave it alone with no fear.

36 switches and 6 temp monitors might be seen as overkill to some, but apparently not for PJPower and their Purple Rain project.

Splog has put updated pics of his own very cool system into the PCDB..

TechnoYard have a sort've overclocking for dummies guide posted.

Pognogit have a fairly standard watercooled system, but a Duron 600 at 1104MHz is nothing to be ashamed of.. lots of big pics on that page, be warned. I note they're using the DangerDen water-block we reviewed some time ago here.. thanks Alan.

TechPatrol have an article on making copper SDRAM shielding.. I dunno, looks pretty dodgy to me. :)

Another Detonator comparison article, this time on OCCafe..

TE have some rants and raves about stuff that annoyed them in February. First on the list is the GF3's pricetag..

GearGrip Pro PC carry-strap on OCHW.
OCZ Performance SDRAM on TheTechZone.
D-Link DI713 wireless gateway on AwareMag, hmm, intersting..
SC-190 System Cooler on MikhaiLTech.
SMC Wireless Broadband Router on Hardware-One.
Cyclone 5000 case on OCOnline.

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