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Monday Night Madness (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 2-April-2001  22:15:00 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Agg stole my post this morning (just as well, heh, I slept in *again* - I know you love hearing about my sleeping patterns LoneWolf).. so I'm doing the nightshift. So here goes..

TacoNuts have posted a review of the 3DfxCOOL Voodoo-1-120 video card cooler. No, its got nothing to do with the defunct 3dfx video chip/card company nVidia inhaled. Yes, it is a cooler thing-o for your video card.. looks to be a cardcooler type of device. Big fan on it..

VoidYourWarranty have updated their RAID tutorial.. incidently, chainbolt has started a really interesting discussion in the forums about the effectivness of said RAID. With every motherboard maker and their dog putting RAID chipsets on anything that might pass as a PCB, comes at a nice time.

ArsTechnia have reviewed and critiqued the release version of MacOS X.. and a very interesting read it is. In the Ars' style it goes into alot of detail, but MacOS X is probably one of *the* OS releases of the year. The future of Apple rides heavily on this.. no funky colored iMac would be able to pull them out of a bad OS. I don't know about you, but I'd be sad to see them go.. and if the price of PC's wasnt so insanely low at the moment I'd seriously consider getting an iMac..

Still on alternative OS's, its probably old news to alot of you.. but it seems that one of the best (imho anyway) OS's out there is about to stop development.. the BeOS team have announced they havn't got enough cash to keep going much longer. They are really victims of their own doing tho.. didn't advertise much, didn't create any had-to-have-em applications for their own platform.. just turned out of the coolest most efficient OS I've seen in a while. Slashdot are giving them a big hint to GPL the code if they do close their doors.. and I hope they do something along those lines.

The TechZone is giving away a LianLi PC60 case.. but, I've just checked and it's one of those god-awful post-in-our-forums competitions that I think are stupid. Why don't they give people a better reason to post in their forums than a free case? Still.. it is a nice case.. so if you want one it may be one way to get one on the cheap. Maybe.

There's a funny guide over on 3D Action Planet on how to win at a LAN Party.. if you can't win fairly that is. Pretty amusing read I must say, thanks to Firemoth for pointing it out.

Interesting 60mm fan roundup on TechPatrol.. they take a look at the usual suspects (Delta, Sunon & YS-Tech), but also have a look at the new Everflow fan that comes stock on the TT VolcanoII hs/f's. The Everflow is rumored to be a good contendor for the Black Label Delta, without giving the neighborhood dogs something to bark at.

The NDA on the new Duron clock speed has been lifted.. its now at 900MHz.. reviews here on CPU Review, Hexus has one here and here on AMD MB. Performance is exactly that the same of any Duron @ 900MHz, so no suprises there. Just to think that you can now buy so called "value" processors at 900MHz is mind boggling.. bloody good value indeed.

OCWorkbench are confirming what most of us already know to be true.. that the KT266, performance wise, just isn't up to speed. They've had some japanese "corespondant" post them a few figures showing the AMD760 out-bench a KT266 board. It's on their main page if you wanna have a look.. incidently, I saw an article *somewhere* (can't remember, it the bookmark dissapeared in a recent format) showing a MSI KT266 board performing quite well.. better than AMD760 in fact. Hopefully all KT266 needs is a well designed board, and thats what we're not getting yet.

OCShootOut have a guide up showing you how to hack fan's with Molex connectors to get an RPM reading.. basically showing that all the fans they checked had the solder points for an RPM monitor, and all you have to do is add a wire and a new plug.

TweakTown have a compatibility guide up for Kingmax PC150 SDRAM. I must note however, that the results they acheived are very much dependant on a large number of factors.. Mainly variances in quality of RAM chips and Chipset performance.. and you may not have anywhere near the same luck. Good to see that Cameron is back into it after some family troubles tho..

Quite a few people in IRC have been raving about new FPS game called Serious Sam.. TE have reviewed it if you wanna find out what all the hype is about.

IANAG have thrown some Thermal Paste into a ring and waited for them to fight it out.. unfortunatley nothing happened, so they've compared their performance instead.. Artic Silver II vs OCZ QuickSilver.. its a bloody battle!

Last of all today.. [P]engo sent in this link to a MS TechNet article.. what's scary is it appears to be real. I bet someone at MS is having a good laugh :)

I almost forgot this.. Bryan's RiceBoyPage has been updated.. for those that don't already know.. it's basically a page to take the piss out of 4cyl cars done up to look as if they go fast.. but they actually don't. Sort of like a 486 in a Lian-Li PC60 to use an overclocking comparison if you want. It's bloody funny to say the least, even more so if you've seen a few rice rockets on the street.

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