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Tuesday Morning.. Just Barely (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 3-April-2001  11:55:44 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Forgot to add this before.. it's Messiah's 16th birthday today - so happy birthday to him! He's a regular on #overclockers if you want to say g'day.

MikhailTech has looked at a Fong Kai FK-320 case.. probably can't get one in Aus tho.

EuroGamer has a roundup of the mobos of the moment.. that being the KT133A-based boards.

Yet another GF2MX review on GotApex.. this time the Asus V7100 Deluxe.. wonder how long until we start seeing GeForce3 MX's?

OverclockerCafe is giving away Four 2CoolPC system coolers.. and I've just checked, and it's NOT one of those forum contests.. EXCELLENT!

sluDge sent in this link to the "ultimate windows tweaking program".. I havn't had a look, but he gives it a pretty good wrap. Might be worth checking out.

ChillBlast has taken a look at some Crucial PC133 CL2 RAM.. and OCWorkBench sends word that Crucial PC2100 (DDR) RAM is on special.

MrPCPro has taken a look at some hubs.. both fitting in your 5 1/4 (CD-ROM) bay. They looked at a 4-port USB hub and an 8-port 100mbit Ethernet Hub.. the Ethernet one looks pretty interesting.. tho having a big cable mess at the front of your computer probably isnt that appealing.. one that goes in a PCI slot with an inbuilt NIC.. now there's an idea.

RojakPot has got a review of a 32Mb Compact Flash Card.. and also a press release from Samsung regarding Quad Data Rate RAM.. sort of like double-pumped DDR RAM (which is already double-pumped.. hence the quad name)

PCHardware have reviewed the MSI 694D Master-S Dual s370 mobo with onboard SCSI.. starting to see quite a few Dually reviews now.. none of the AMD.. yet!

Digit-Life has some info up about the upcomming GF2MX 400 based cards.. I think rumor has had it that these cards are slower than the current GF2MX cards.. whoop-de-doo then.

Finally, VideoCardDrivers are back into their element.. now reviewing the nVidia Detantor's 8.33 drivers.

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