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Wednesday Morn' (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 4-April-2001  10:59:26 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Quite a bit of news to get through today.. so best be quick..

First cab off the rank is OCWorkbench with an updated review of the Gigabyte 7VTX KT266 Motherboard.. apparently with a BIOS flash the board performs *alot* better.. I hope this is true for all KT266-based boards :)

ViaHardware have pretty much confirmed this.. posting a beta IDE Driver on their page that is said to increase performance as well.. They also received a beta BIOS but didn't post it for NDA reasons. Good to see VIA getting their act together.. Another thing that I found on the VH page is a blurb about Intel selling their i81x chipsets at a *loss* to combat the Via PM133 and Pro133A contendors.. that's pretty snakey.

It seems Intel have given up on making decent CPU's and are instead concentrating on curing Cancer instead.. I 'spose it's up to you to decide what you like best.. j/k about the CPU bit - but they are actually helping in some distributed computing efforts designed to cure medical ill's like cancer. Thanks to Firemoth for the link.

X-Bit Labs have been to CeBit 2001 and taken a lot of pictures and stuff and put em up for you to gawk at. I swear I've posted 1001 of these before.. but I can't remember if it was CeBit or something else.. oh well.

Digit-Life have reviewed the Canon EOS D30 DigiCam.. a fairly serious looking peice of gear.

HardCoreWare reckons they've found the best way to blow $1,000 (US) without taking a visit to your local red light district. It's a guide on building a PC on the cheap.. and I reckon they're about right. For $1,500 you can get a killer (well, in a way) Duron/GF2MX system these days.. 17" monitor and all, and no scimping on components.

Digit-Life have a few specs and pics of Leadtek's upcomming GF2MX 200/400 based cards. No one seems to of taken my hint and reviewed a GeForce3 MX yet tho..

There's some hardcore waterblock thing-o on CLubOC.. no time for me to look, I've suddeny ran out of time !

Finally, a few people have corrected some things I said yesterday.. First of all regarding combo NIC/Hubs.. they do exist. First of all, Snypher sent in this one from BlackBox for US$250 or so.. maybe BlackBoxOz has one too? Matt also sent in this link to one from Microgram in Aus.. for only $160 (AUD).. looks pretty good to me, especially for the price.. Finally, Andrew pointed out that you can get those Fong-Kai cases in Aus.. thanks :)

Artic Silver 2 review on UKGamer.
ECS P6SSM SiS mATX Motherboard review on TechnoYard.
Gigabyte GA-7ZXR 2.1 Motherboard reviewd at NeoSeeker.

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