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Thurs Morn Yawn (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-April-2001  09:43:01 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Very slow in the news box this morning.. oh well, you get that sometimes..

The Guru of 3D have a review up of of that Hercules GameTheatre XP everyone's getting all hot and bothered about.

the Ctrl-Alt-Del has a review of the GlacierII hs/f.. and it seems to work alright.

If, for some reason, you've decided you simply *must* buy a Pentium 4, first of all, don't. If you still must.. then VR-Zone have got a review of the ABIT TH7-RAID i850 mobo. Once again, looks alright.

Another sound card review this mornin.. this time it's the Phillips Acoustic Edge, and it's reviewed over on 3D Spotlight. They seem to like it.. and what I like is all the competition in the market nowadays.

WimbeesReview (I just don't know about kids these days..) has reviewed the CoolerMaster DP5 6H11.. socket-a HS/F that looks alot like a TT Volcano II.

PCReview have looked at a 128Mb Stick of Crucial PC1600 DDR RAM. Luckily enough it stably overclocks to PC2100 Speed @ CAS2.. and just as well.. PC1600 isn't that great.

The QGL LAN is on again.. comming up on the 14th of April.. quite a few OCAU people are going, including sabretooth, VooDoo and myself, and it's definatley one of the best LAN's in SE Qld. If you're keen on going, go here to register as places are filling up fast, and its $20 for the day of play @ ANZ as usual. You might want to be quick with the rego btw.. it only opened (for rego's) exactly 12hrs ago and already ~200 people have put their name down.

ChillBlast look at the Neng Tyi KA02 HS/F unit and discover that it's.. pretty much crap. Good as a stock-o cooler, and thats about it.

Last of all this morning is this hardcore looking waterblock thing over on Hexus. Looks pretty dangerous to me.. and I'm pretty sure VooDoo told me the more dangerous something looks, the faster it performs. Or something.

Well, I told you it was slow this morning.. maybe if you've still got time to kill before doing something productive you might wanna head over for a browse of the forums.

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