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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-April-2001  16:56:38 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Wow, we did 113,213 pageviews yesterday compared to our average of 85k/day from last month. A quick sniff around the logfiles reveals a lot of sudden interest in the Speed Cheat - Not Just For Half-Life Anymore article from a couple of months ago. Weird, it didn't attract that much attention when it was first put up. Oh well, greets to everyone from HardOCP and OverClockers.com (USA) and the other sites that suddenly decided to link - good to have you here. :)

Another thing that attracted a lot of attention last month was some coverage of fan adapters that we had thanks to Chainbolt, a reader in Japan. Firstly we had a sneak preview of one that appeared on the market over there. Then, we had a full review of the 92mm-to-60mm and 80mm-to-60mm versions. Today on ClubOverclocker they have the same concept but executed differently - a 120mm to 60mm flat-plate fan adapter as opposed to the conical ones we checked out. They weren't too impressed with the performance, but it's good to see some manufacturers thinking about this way to get high CFM with less noise.

Kyle over at the HardOCP has done his best to answer a burning question at the moment - Is the GeForce3 really faster than the GeForce2 Ultra?. The problem with this question to date is, of course, that very little out there has been written with the GeForce3 in mind so performing a fair benchmark has been tricky. Kyle however has a couple of pre-release games which HAVE been written to use the optimizations of the GeForce3 core. Serious eye-candy and interesting results.

A few recent highlights from the PCDB - techfuzz's machine is certainly tricked out, but I dunno, the big square window is a little too blatant for my tastes. :) Martin7922 has a nicer finish to the window while Rockin69's box is sweet indeed - but surely you can fit another fan on the rear there somewhere! :)

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