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Thurs~Day (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 19-April-2001  12:08:48 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

It looks like ViaHardware have found a fix for the 686B issue thats been plauging alot of boards recently, this one is for the KT7 series of boards, it's on their news page so you might have to scroll down a bit. On this topic, I had my IBM 75GXP on the on-board IDE controller for a while, and strangely enuff I was have lots of performance issues (slowdowns, lockups, crashes), got sick of it and couldn't figure it out, so moved the drive back onto the Promise controller on my A7V133, and *wham*, computer is rock-solid and runs decently again.. coincidence? Maybe all these external IDE controllers we've been seeing on KT133 boards are a tad more than a 'feature'?

ChicksHardware is giving away a crazy amount of kit from the OCZ store... and this time it's open to the whole world! Even the residents of the Australian Antartic Teritory (yes, all six of you) can enter! And you don't even have to post in their forum to enter! MADNESS!

More free stuff is still flying out of IANAG, they've still got 45 prizes to give away from the original total of 62.. they've also added a few new ones including a USB CD-RW and a Sony Discman. I'm sure you all know how much I love FREE STUFF!!

More CeBit2001 coverage on OverclockersOnline.. I think this'll be one of the last coverage peices you'll see.. they're starting to make me jealous. They make Australia's computer fairs look like primary school fetes. SMALL primary school fetes.. from an underfunded tiny outback school of the air with three students. Worst part is, I can't even get down to Sydney to go. Oh the shame!

MikhailTech have a guide to building a system that won't overheat and crash. It's getting a bit more involved by the day.. but a monitor cooler? WTF? somehow, I think that's just sitting in the palm of the cooling companies for a tad too long. I'm trying to work out how to get one of those Koolance jobbies that HardOCP reviewed yesterday.. without paying for it of course :) they look uber sexy, and quiet as well as good performing to boot.

StuLittle sent this in, and I'm pretty sure he heard it on the radio as did I a few days ago.. Some guy has mp3-ed the 80+ messages his psycho ex-girlfriend left on his answering machine, and turned them into psychoexgirlfriend.com. Only in America..

WinAmp 2.74 has been realeased, not many changes over 2.73, just a slaw of bugfixes.. but I'm sure alot of you are using it right now to listen to your collection of backed up mp3 files, so might as well go update. It's good to see a fully featured peice of Windows Software come in at under a meg these days too.. (excluding the crappy .wma support)

RipNetUK have built a Borg Dual-P3 system with a pair of P3/700@1008 and 1Gb of Crucial RAM.. pretty toasty. Interesting what's mentioned right at the end of the article "Who said I'd given up on Intel?! Just can't afford 'em..."

FullOn3D has taken a close look at FSAA, which is a pretty brutal way of getting nice image quality out of your video card.. was one of the few things the Voodoo5 did brilliantly.. if any of you have been to a LAN and seen two people playing cstrike side by side, and one of them's using a Voodoo5 with FSAA, and the other's using whatever card without FSAA, you'll know what I'm talking about.

The box designs and names for video cards are starting to worry/scare me. First there was the visiontek box design.. and now Digit-Life have reviewed Chaintech's new GF2Pro card, named the Desperado.

If you're looking at making the jump to DDR, ClubOverclocker have a review of some MemMan and Corsair 256Mb PC2100 modules. I'd say the MemMan stuff is a bit hard to source locally, but you should have no problems finding Corsair, just have a poke around the forums :)

Finally, if you've been looking for a good reason to keep your case sealed, LWD has a pretty decent one posted on their news page.. might have to scroll down a bit.. mmmm.. floppy cable says the mouse. yum yum.

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