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Sunday Morning.. kinda (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 22-April-2001  00:21:15 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

With Agg being busy I offered to not say no if he asked me to do the news.. hehe, so he asked and I didn't say no. Not much there, but then - I'd imagine with the news drought of late you'd be thirsty for whatever you can get. I went home up the coast to celebrate a mate's 19th birthday by getting nice 'n drunk on free alcohol, so that's my excuse.

PCCitrix have updated their preview of the MSI KT266 board thats been creating quite a stir over performance based on the placement of a resistor.. so maybe it's best that they're leaving their review sit for a while until the dust settles. Like we all are with KT266 platforms..

RipNet have posted a quick guide to tweaking your memory settings in the BIOS for optimum performance. Incidently, if you've got an A7V133 (like me), it'd pay to track down an article written a while ago (check news archives, I'm too lazy after working at the Bronco's game tonight) on using WCPSET to enable 4-way interleaving on this board.. pretty respectable increase in performance from doing so.

DeezNutz has had an interesting rant to the news box about the anti-piracy measures microsoft will be implementing in the upcomming WindowsXP release.. and while I agree with what he's saying, as I understand it, there has been a "final" copy of OfficeXP floating around the warez sites of late, and through use of a special OEM cdkey it bypasses all this stupid product registration crap. Now I'm not a microsoft employee, but I won't be at all suprised if WindowsXP has the exact same feature, which will no doubt be requested by several large (and influencial) OEM's.

The CAD has reviewed a Microsoft Cordless Wheel Mouse. I'm not going to try and babble on about this one, I'm not pleased with MS mouses atm.. mine is screwed, and can't be fixed under warranty :~(

VoidYourWarranty has started ricing up cases, and have posted a review of sorts, about the PCMods smoked window kit..

HardCoreWare have reviewed the Tennmax LasagneII chip cooler.. like a blue orb, except it dosn't take up a PCI slot... and it's not blue. That can be tonight's paradoxx as well.. a small chip cooler being hardcoreware? hmm..

ClubOverclocker have reviewed a professional computer toolkit.. well and good. My toolkit consits of One (1) phillips head screw driver. That's it.

Futurelooks has looked (as they do) at a Flash USB pocket hard drive. Basically a flash card with a capacity of anywhere between 16mb (easy on the hip pocket) to 1gig (emptying out the hip pocket).. pretty handy little thing too by the looks of it, only hampered by the cost of flash memory. Which is sort of a big hampering.. other thing to remember is that one of the advantages of flash memory (blazing fast solid-state speed) is removed by the relative slowness of the USB interface.

OverclockingDK (German?) has reviewed the KinetiZ 7E-A KT133A mobo from QDI.. I think their site is down at the moment tho, I can't get to it. Might be up later or the o@h proxy is possibly just screwed. Who Knows?

AllTechBox has a guide on giving case fans CPR... or just bringing the back to life with the aid of mouth-to-fan ressuciation. eh, I'm too tired to make non-lame jokes. Maybe I'll just not make jokes instead.

SpodesAbode has crawled out of a hole and reviewed some Senfu water cooling gear.. as reviewed by the rest of the scene ages ago.

Finally, there's a pre-rounded IDE cable review on TheTechZone. Bed time now. More in the morning when the news box is semi-full.

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