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Monday Morning.. (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-April-2001  01:17:57 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Don't you hate it when you can't sleep.. you lie there, and you just cannot, no matter how many sheep you count, lapse into sweet sleep? Well, thats me now. So hopefully after doing the news I'll be sleepy.. hopefully :)

First email out of the box tonight is from ClubOverclocker, 'cuz they're giving away an IWill KK266 KT133A mobo.. and to win all you have to do is email them.. too easy!

Akiba have some info (well, stuff in Japanese.. the 'fish does an alright job of translating it) about a Benchmark developed by AMD called N'Bench.. it features a ninja and space ship scene, so I'm guessing it's kind of like 3DMark2001.. of course, when pitted against a P4 1.5GHz, an Athlon 1.2GHz came out on top.. which should be expected.

Digit-Life has a review of the IBM 60GXP, the successor to the 75GXP.. only difference being the 60GXP uses 20gb platters instead of 15Gb of the 75GXP. Performance stays ~ the same.. so no need to upgrade, just more of an evolutionary than revolutionary shift.

TweakTown waltzed along to the launch of the Via C3 processor the other night in Sydney, and they look a few photos of the event.. interesting to have a stickybeak to see what goes on at an IT launch event.

If that wasn't news, then this definitley IS.. the Modding Zone headed off to The Gathering.. the ultimate in über lans.. to get what I'm on about, take a squiz at this pic.. just insane.. 48Mbit connection to the net as well!

3D chipsets has a link to DirectX 8.1 beta.. no idea whats new.. no idea really why you'd want it at all. Guru3D also has it if that first site is down. I'm sure there's a mad bunch of you out there that do tho, so this is for you.. you mad people :)

The CAD have the latest build of MS IE6 Beta as well.. good if your looking to stock up on beta pre-release MS software.. if for any reason you'd actually want to do that. Actually.. mail me and tell me the best reason why you'd want to get a leaked beta of a peice of microsoft software, and I'll post the funniest one(s) tommorrow.

OCWorkbench have some pics up of the upcomming Asus A7V266, KT266-based mobo.. looks alright, maybe the first KT266 board I've seen with both DDR and SDR RAM slots.. bit curious as to why the floppy connector is down near IDE4 tho.. might want to get one with the Promise IDE controller as well.. mine/Agg's experiences with the onboard Via IDE controllers hasn't been that good.

A reader emailed me in a link to this review of a new Orb.. a Mini Copper Orb.. now, the whole thing isnt copper, just the base.. but that dosn't matter so much, can actually be more effecient than a solid-copper block.. they benched it up against a ThermoEngine.. and it won by a few degrees, but without the Delta 7k rpm fan that makes that hs/f a killer.. so if you're looking for a hs/f in the quiet-but-good category that might be it.. if you want killer performance tho - probably not.

VooDoo went on a bit of a paste-fest on IRC tonight, and let us all know these two gems.. First of all, a Cyborg bear.. maybe to match his borg case perhaps? hehe.. also, about some case badges that could possibly be better than the OCAU ones.. maybe. nahhhhr. but close.

Finally, ClubOverclocker has reviewed those perdy looking Zalman Flower heatsinks.. and decided that they suck, badly so. Need more airflow.. thats sort of a downfall of that design. Be interested to see what they could do in the form of passive (ie: no fan) cooling tho.. I'm starting to get darn sick of fan noise.

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