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Tuesday Night Depression Session (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-April-2001  23:40:56 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Well, the forums may be gone, but everything else is staying the same.. and that includes the news. So here it is :)

Icrontic are back, and have reviewed the Zalman Flower Gold heatsink.. they've also taken a trip to Plycon Computers, one of the larger US online retailers. Whilst the article reads a bit like an advertisement, there there are some pretty cool pictures from the store. Be hard to keep your hands to yourself in there ;)

Pat from Tech Patrol has reviewed the new ThermalTake Copper Orb.. good to see Australian Hardware sites putting in the hard yards.

NVnews has some info on price drops on the GeForce range of video cards.. all prices are in US$, so a rough guide is to double it, and then add some more. Gotta love our currency.. thing that's got me wondering tho - is a GeForce3 almost 8 times better than a GFMX200? Because it's about 8 times the price..

GamingIn3D have a really interesting article about, funnily enough, Gaming in 3D. More specifically, proper IMAX-style 3D, not GeForce style 3D.. I remember having a go of that Life Saver's 3D game that was in shopping centres almost 8yrs ago now.. the one where you put on a pair of goggles and a glove, and stood on a stage. That was just awesome, even by today's standards. I find it odd that the same level of technology has not yet been brought to the PC gaming scene, as it's just simplimg amazing. You think B+W is an immersive game, imagine what it's like being in a computer generated world where you turn your head, not drag your mouse. Wonder how much longer we have to wait..

Well, OCWorkbench definitley have the review that I've been waiting for.. that being the Asus A7V266, KT266 mobo. Not much a fan of their page layout for this review, waaaay too many pages.. but the results are there to see - it performs well! Very well, in fact. Wouldn't mind laying my paws on one of these babies. They also have some other info about KT266 on their news page.

ClubOverclocker have reviewed some fan filters.. sounds like a pretty stupid thing to buy tho.. could easily make them out of a pair of.. *ameh* stockings. But anyway, sounds like a dumb idea, but is actually a very wise one. Dust can be very bad.

EverythingUSB have info up about a new type of Kodak digicam, the 'EasyShare' range. Basically, what they bring is automatic battery charging and synchronisation of data once it's connected to a computer.. exactly like a Palm Pilot does. Old idea, but very handy one.

IANAG have reviewed the Samsung ML-4500, what they reckon to be the cheapest 600dpi laser printer on the market. Handy thing to have if you need to print out lots and lots and lots of stuff, like I do. Lucky parent's have a *massive* Fujitsu digital photocopier jobbie.

FutureLooks has looked at a Kodak PalmPix digicam.. a sort of clip-on camera for your Palm Series3. Good for people aiming for the James Bond look. Or if you're trying to out-31337 someone. Can't think of any actual real-world uses for it tho. Hrrm..

LWD have reviewed an Earthmate GPS with a Street Atlas package.. 'spoze that's usefull for geeks that actually go out of the house.. I know that I can't be the only one. Also be good if you still havn't won that I'm-more-31337-than-you competition.

Finally, something with a bit of culture for you tonight. Well, actually, just an another foreign-language article. (Back to the 'fish).. an Italian overclocking site has a 1GHz Athlon running at 1.6GHz with 2.2V.

Evergreen RumbleFX Headfones on AwareMag here.
1.30GHz Athlon on OCOnline here.
Senfu Thermal Proble on WillAndyC here.
Core vs Alpha PEP66 @ WWF.. I mean VR-Zone, here.

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