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Sunday Arvo (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 29-April-2001  14:15:31 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

hmmm.. went out and had a good night last night. So good, in fact, that I woke up at 12.30pm.. it's rad not having to do anything sometimes. Then again.. the news *does* have to be done, so maybe I'm not as think as I free I am.

ClubOC is into it's second week of giving away MemMan ram. It's free, it's not a forum comp, it's open to .au residents. There is still 2 days and 16 prizes left to go on IANAG's contest, and not all the good stuff is gone!!

Kenn's Hardware has reviewed a Samsung DVD/CD-RW drive.. I think this is the first one of these I've linked to even tho they've been around for a while.. Looks to be an alright way of doing things. They also reviewed just a normal Samsung CD-RW as well if you've already got a DVD/are on a budget/whatever.

Umm, someone, Agg I *think* sent this to the news box.. it appears to be a series of videos about the human genome project. Or something, my netstats are a bit high from watching big brother so I'm not about to check it out.. you do need quicktime to watch them however, but you'd already have that from watching WAYD.

VyW have decided they're making case badges.. however, problem being they suck at art. So, they're giving away a Swiftech MC370 to whoever designs the best looking case badge.

BlueSmoke has quite possibly the first review of Microsoft WindowsXP Beta 2. It can't be that far away now.. but it seems stupid to have it come so close to the release of Windows2000..

Sad news for SMP AMD fans over on [H]ard|OCP.. apparently AMD has decided to keep the cost of the 760MP chipset high, so you won't be seeing any cheapish SMP boards like we have with the Intel platform recently. Kyle says he'd be suprised to see ones below $400 US, which means at least $800AUD. So, umm, yeah. There goes that idea. Damn.. hopefully the KT266 is dual capable like the Apollo Pro is.

I think Icrontic are missing the KT7 FAQ, so they've started up their own KT133 FAQ.. good for them. But arnt there already enough KT133-esque FAQ's?

Stasis sent in a link to this in-depth article about the upcomming Intel Xeon based on the P4 core.. yes, they are dropping the Pentium name from the Xeon branding. Seems to be getting closer and closer to the P4 design. It seems a bit dodgy to me to make people pay extra for SMP-capable processors when in the previous generation SMP compatability was standard.. more of a step backwards than a step forwards.

ExtremeOverclocking have a guide to adding a LCD character display to your tricked-out case. Looks to be pretty swanky to me. But remember.. swanky is just wanky with an s.

BlargOC have an article about AXIA cpus.. comparing the overclock ability of a 1.0GHz AXIA against that of a 1.2GHz. And when the 1.0GHz wins, they think somethings wrong with the AXIA craze. Thats sort-of ignoring the fact that EVERY chip is different, and they could of just got a dud 1.2 and a good 1.0. They're not going to stop the AXIA dance that easily.

Umm, it seems The Ctrl-Alt-Del is back, because they've got a few new det's up for you to download.. namely 7.65 for WinME as well as 7.58WHQL ones as well. Icrontic has just finished "hacking" the Det 12.10 drivers as well.. I wonder what they mean by that.

Icrontic has sort-of a ghetto review up of the Hispeed PC fan adaptor.. a bit confusing to me tho.. a ghetto review? Hmm..

Overclockers Online has reviewed the Elsa Gladiac 920 GeForce3. Sorry, not in much of a ranty mood this arvo.

RojakPot has reviewed a 10x lite-on CD-RW that features burn-proof technology.. good to see burn-proof filtering through from the top-of-the-range plextors down to the more affordable drives like the lite-on.

Finally today, it seems Acid Hardware suffer from the same spelling disease as me. They've reviewed a Skyhawk Aluminium case and told us that a news post would be Grealty Appreciated. I'm sure it will ;)

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