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Sunday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 6-May-2001  12:14:11 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

First off this morning is this.. Drempels! If any of you remember the giess plugin for WinAmp.. then this is just psycho. If you don't, then it's sort of a psychadelic screensaver trippy colors thing. It'll actually work as your desktop wallpaper, which can possibly be A Bad Idea.. anyway, it's definitely cool for now.

If you read the review of the B&D dremel-type tool and are keen on getting one for yourself, StratosFear has written in to say that he saw them at Bunnings Warehouse (Hardware Superstore) for 68.85.. quite a price difference. Of course, you could always go to BBC HardwareHouse, we're they'll beat competitors prices by 10% and get it for $61.95.

eski has sent in some prototype pics of an upcomming socket-a waterblock from silverprop.. looks to be pretty nifty, concentrating only on the cpu die to possibly decrease resistance and allow a higher flow rate.. and using the holes around the socket to aid in the retention mechanism.

AllTechBox have a pretty decent guide to making a converter so you can plug a playstation joypad into your PC.. it's a D.I.Y. type job, so it dosn't work out to be that expensive.. you might actually learn something.. pace282 also let me know on IRC about guide that's been around for a while longer.. might be easier to digest because it's all on one page.

BlueSmoke has looked at a software solution to making on-screen images appear in 3D. Named Wicked3D eyeSCREAM Light, it simply renders two overlapping images on your screen, and you put on a pair of red/blue filter glasses to make it "jump out at you". Only problem is it'll drop your frame rates to around 1/3rd of their original state.

If you're AMD obsessed, and I'm sure that alot of you are.. Antony sent in this AMD Skin for PowerDVD. And a quick look found me this AMD WinAmp skin. And I'm sure there's some decent AMD wallpaper out there as well. Crazy.

Umm.. ModdingZone are a bunch of self-confessed girls, and what better way to prove your gender preference than by making your case look, well, girly. With glow-in-the-dark stars. Yesssss.

BlargOC has compared the new Det 12.10's to a huuuge host of other less-higher-numbered sets of dets in wide range of benchmarks. Unfortunatley (for arguments sake), he's using a t-bird system, so his tests don't show if the new drivers bring higher performance to P4-based systems.

LiamC gets the big props for dropping us a note from The Inq. - "Dual Athlon to arrive June 4th". I'm sure alot of you have been eagerly waiting.. but sadly, it dosn't seem like it will be anything like BP6-esque revolionary.. for starters it needs a minimum 450W PSU with a special 8-pin extra plug to keep those cpu's well fed.. The Inq. is also reporting that it requires registered DDR memory, which normally only comes with ECC memory. So I'll be suprised if it's SMP for the masses, but it's most likely going to be fairly speedy.

OverclockersOnline has tested a whole swag of coolers in a big cooler-shootout.

RojakPot has updated their Win2k Hints 'n Tips Guide.

Finally today, DangerousDog has reviewed one of those Zalman Flower heatsinks.. and they reckon it's damn quiet.. mmm.. quiet.

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