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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-May-2001  19:13:39 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Hmm.. boredom sets in.. it's a public holiday in Qld today, and I've got tommorrow off uni, and I didn't go friday.. so this makes it a five day weekend. And I'm bored. So here's the news.

StratosFear has written in to let us know that the PSX Controller mod thing-o won't work under Windows 2000.. which he fondly remembers discovering AFTER he'd built it. So he dosn't want you to have the same memories. Sharing is caring.. If you're slack tho, or you just couldn't handle a trip back to the win9x kernel, he says he picked up a USB adaptor for $30.

Jasper has told me that he's modded his Taisol 742092 (he actually wrote Haisol.. but I think that's a typo!?) heatsink to add another 7k Delta black label to it.. it dropped the temps on his AXIA 1000@1460,1.9V down 4deg to 42deg under load. Not too shabby at all.. air cooled AXIA's are definatley the rage. He didn't say anything about the noise TWO delta's make tho..

Strange1 has found a sony mouse with a built in memory card slot inside it. Umm, yeah, spoze it'd be alright if you're out of USB ports or something. I'm not sure.. interesting how it says its an Infrared mouse, but you can clearly see a cable in the picture.

If you've still got some USB ports left over, Digit-Life have reviewed the Iomega USB Zip 250 drive.

Tech-Extreme have reviewed the Afreey (how do you pronounce that? Aye-Free-ee?) 12X DVD Player.. and whilst not cutting edge in terms of speed or features or anything like that, they are a pretty decent drive that you can easily find in au at a nice price.

PCMech is back and kicking with a guide to securing your broadband connection. If you're a little bit more inclined you might want to look at some real protection, or maybe just some perfectly alright protection. They've also found a few software easter eggs.

Somehow this post has been designed to fill up your USB ports.. EverythingUSB has reviewed a 32Mb Flash USB (duh) drive.. one of those little thumb sized ones. They're really cool IMO, make a neat-o replacement for floppy drives, if only they'd stick USB ports on the front of the uni computers.

[H]ard|OCP has stopped prancing 'round nancy style with the Pentium4 vs Athlon comparisons, and overclocked the two CPU's and thrown a huge host of benchmarks at them. Finally someone getting right to the point.. and with the P4@2.1GHz, and the K7@1.55GHz they're playing with some serious speed.

CPUReview has uh, reviewed an AMI MegaRAID IDE 100. It's a PCI IDE Raid controller.. so if you're feeling left out of the onboard raid boat, here's your chance to join the procession.

Andrew sent in this amusing add he found in the paper.. if you're worried about giving your 5yo kid a life-size Volvo, maybe you can give him that little remote controlled one.. it run's at a fire breathing 40 MHZ MANNNN.. might be giving him an early start to overclocking? Overclock his volvo? heh.

ProCooling have pretty much finished building their water cooling rig.. and props definatley go to them, cuz it looks damn smooth. No 2L cereal containers around there ;) It's shiiiny.. Interested to see them using brass bolts in the four holes surrounded the socket-a cpu, up until now all I've seen used are nylon ones.

FutureLooks are reporting that Investment.com is up for sale, so if you reckon that you can outbid Microsoft, then you can possibly own it. If it's possible to outbid Microsoft, that is.

CaseJunkiez has an article up about ways to kill dust. Just remember.. your brand new shiny PC will soon start looking like an obsolote old dustbucket in no time if you dont clean it. Is that, however, a pair of pantyhose I see in one of those photo's Junkz? Where'd you get one of those? :D

Agg has had a look around the PCDB and found a few interesting looking additions. First of all is Draxx' absolutley massive server case.. looks damn cool, those BIOS mods are pretty tricky too. Interesting how his case is almost bigger than his desk.. LancePT has a nice and clean looking window added to his case, along with some super-bright blue LED's. Shado has gone blue as well, with a blue neon and a whole heap of fans, and finally VooDoo has put up some pics of his BorgII case, which is just a monster. That case is seriously as big as a decent sized Bar Fridge.. it'll be haenous when he gets a pair of palamino's into it.

Finally today, is this pic of DrR0M's new GeForce3. Yes, not content to have just a plain old (heh) GeForce3, he's going to have a watercooled one. Madness :)

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