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Tuesday Night Rant (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 8-May-2001  22:12:14 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

I figured I'd start tongights news with a typo. But anyway, I really meant to start tonight where I left off with my last post.. DrR0M. Yes, not content with a plain-old GeForce3 with big shiny ramsinks and a active (fan) cooling, he decided to add a waterblock. And now, he's decided to add a peltier. That, my friends, is truly mad. Keep up the nice work DrR0M ;)

CDRinfo have reviewed the 20X burner that we posted a pic of from akiba a few weeks back. 20X burning speed is pretty quick.. that's a full 74min cd of data in 3mins 42secs.. of course you've still got the time it takes to close the session and all that, but THREE MINUTES FORTY TWO.. thats psycho. Usually it was your cable connection keeping your burner busy, now it looks like you'd need multiple cable connections to keep that one busy.

AMDmb have had a look at three different fandaptors and found them to decrease temperatures, unlike the HardOCP article found. Then there is our original original fandaptor review by chainbolt for you to think about. None of the solutions are easily available in aus yet tho, so you've still got a while to think yet.

PCNewsCenter has some info about a Transcend USB card reader thing-o, that can read all types of portable storage media like compact flash and that. Good if you've got multiple storage thing-a-me's. And don't want to buy multiple thing-a-me readers.. Dan of dansdata also pointed out to me that those sony card-reader mice would be good for people tight on space like roadwarriors.. having one less peripheral to carry around is always good for them.

Riznet has a roundup of socket-a coolers happening, with all the big names making a showing. Whislt Gamingin3D have looked at some copper ramsinks from tweak master to keep your ram cool as well.

If you're a newbie to linux, LWD has a newbie guide to installing/using mandrake linux. Of course, alot of people will tell you to find a real distro, or one without a sissy package system. Or you could just get a linux thats not linux. Please yourself!

TechExtreme has a preview of the upcomming OfficeXP. Of course, if you live on the streets of Beijing it's not upcomming, its already been released, and at a very economic $3US a copy. I don't really see the need for ANOTHER upgrade.. what's so bad about Office2000 already?

John reckons that there is space for one more hardware site somewhere, so he's started rated pc and reviewed an OCZ Gladiator to boot.

AwareMag has previewed the SOLDAM Supremo MT-PRO1100. Yes, that sounds familar. ~not~. It's actually a pretty swanky looking mid-tower case, so there you have it.

EverythingUSB has reviewed the Logitech I-Feel mouse, the mouse that I keep on getting confused for a USB vibrator.. well it is, I suppose. In a way. A very dirty, seedy way.

IPKonfig have decided to push their Creative GeForce2 as far as it will go. And by looking at that picture, they do mean far. That blue orb looks pretty overwhelmed.. hehe. I suppose now's the time for it, GF3 and all.

NeoSeeker has reviewed the Samsung 955DF 19" monitor.. pretty spiffy. Alot of OCAU people have the predecessor to this and like em alot. Can this one follow the trend?

If you're new to the whole hardware scene you're probably a bit overwhelmed by the huge number of chipsets.. I mean, just for socket-a from Via is the KT133/A/E/KM133/KT266 range. OCWorkbench has a bit of a rant/explanation for why so many, and why manufacturers release boards based on each chipset. Might explain a few things to you newbies.

That's about it for tonight. I'd just like to say how weird it is speaking to people online that not only live in your area, but go to your uni, and went to your school or one near yours. It's happened alot to me recently. It's weird. This post was brought to you by the yet-to-be-released Basement Jaxx album named Rooty.

Leadtek GeForce3 on Tweak3D. Yep, GeForce3's are down here now. I can't think of anything more to say.
Inno3D 64Mb GF2MX on EXHardware.

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