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Thursday, Midday edition (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 10-May-2001  12:26:30 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Two news posts in two days - I think I'd better sit down, all this activity is giving me headspins....

Firstly, some news that I think a lot of people will consider to be good. RAMBUS have been found guilty of fraud - reports however, seem to vary - some saying that RAMBUS is in trouble for not disclosing it's patents to the JEDEC consortium (and here's another), others saying that RAMBUS was actually cleared, in a seperate hearing, on the charges of hiding information from JEDEC. EIther way (another report can be found here), it seems that RAMBUS is starting to look less and less likely to be able to demand royalties on any RAM type other than RDRAM, which should hopefully lead to lower prices for other RAM types. Quite a few people spotted this one, thanks for letting us know.

Rass has pointed this out, a 1U, dual Socket462 (Athlon) server, using the AMD760 chipset. Yes, you read correctly - it's only 1U high - fits into a standard 19" rack system, and comes ready for clustering. Now, that's drool-worthy....

Electic Tech have posted news about a rather large hard drive. How large? Would you consider it large if it were, say 180GB in size?

3DSpotlight have updated their Soundcard Tweak and Speaker Setup Guide.

Just when you thought you'd seen everything that could be turned into a water block, well, turned into a water block, WildAndyC comes along with this.

Check this out. Funny for us, though I doubt the house or car owners found it particularly amusing. It does, however, serve as a warning to all of us to make sure we don't do stupid things behind the wheel of a car....


ClubOC have reviewed the PCMods.com RheoBus.
VR-Zone have had a look at the Global Win CAK38 heatsink/fan combo.
Icrontic.com have reviewed the new 80GB Maxtor hard drive.
x-bit labs have had a look at the MSI K7T266 Pro motherboard.
Dan's Data have reviewed something that "looks like a Vorlon hand grenade". It's actually a Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical, and it doesn't eat batteries the way Dan's cat (who's name *could* be Thomas), eats biscuits - I'm assuming Dan's cat's a hungry critter, but the mouse isn't. Anyway, the review is here. And yes, Dan said all that stuff - I didn't make it up.

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