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Friday, early afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 11-May-2001  13:52:34 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Just one more day until the weekend - which doesn't really matter to me, because I'm on holidays. Now that you all hate me, I'll start with the news....

Firstly, some not-necessarily related to computing (or overclocking) news. Raven sent in a link to a website promoting a digital replacement for film - the trick is, it works in regular SLR cameras, stores 24 pictures at a time, can be used time and time again - and best of all, features a resolution of 1280x1024 - which is pretty damned decent. It looks like affordable , high quality digital photography might actually be becoming a reality.

This news is definately computing/Internet related (at least if you're in Australia). Devient has reported that the Southern Cross Cable's available bandwidth is being increased from 20Gbit/s to 60Gb/s - that's a *serious* upgrade. Details available here, on the Whirlpool website.

Bort wrote in to say that the Overclockers Australia RC5 team has now clocked up 1000 days, 100 members, and is currently placed 392 overall. Our SETI@Home team isn't doing too badly either - 233 members, 83 years of processor time, and ranked 705 under the "Clubs" section. There are links on the left side of this page to both the RC5 and SETI@Home team pages.

Sniper770 reports that AMD's next Athlon processor won't be called the Athlon 2, or Athlon 3, but rather the Athlon 4".

Ice-Boy sent this link in - it's a Virtual Reality Engine that works in Visual Basic. While I wouldn't consider VB to be a serious programming language for such complex tasks as writing 3D gaming engines, I'm sure this could be a useful tool for people with VB programming experience who want to have a play with creating a 3D gaming environment. Definately cool.

Mort wrote in to let us know that there could be bad news for people who use warez copies of Microsoft Office XP. Not that any of you would do such a thing, of course. Pirating software is bad. You've been warned.

Speaking of warnings, here's another one. The guys at CyberWizards (this isn't an endosement, I just believe in giving credit for any news we receive) wrote to let us know that there's a new computer virus floating around. Now, before you all say "Not *another* fake virus warning message", be aware that Symantec have listed this virus as real, in the wild, and widely distributed.

CaseEtc are running a competition - they're giving away around USD$600 worth of stuff. It's not one of those "register in our forums and post a message" cometitions either. However, Cole does ask some pretty damned "A HREF="http://www.caseetc.com/cgi-bin/caseetc/contest.html" target="_blank"> difficult questions. There's no reference to it only being open to US/Canadian residents either, so if you're keen, and think you can get the answers right, go for it!

VR-Zone have managed to get a 1.33MHz AXIA Athlon running at 2.2GHz. That's a pretty serious overclock, though they've gone to some extreme measures to get it there....

DangerousDog (what is it lately with hardware sites taking on strange names?) have posted a Chipset Cooler Shootout. I can see that they've included the Zalman "Flower" heatsink, as featured in Wolfy's recent Socket-A Cooler Roundup.

AcidHardware are reporting that Gigabyte have released an updated BIOS for their GeForce3 video cards. If you go to the AcidHardware website and scroll down a bit, the news story is entitled "GeForce 3 BIOS".

Electic Tech is reporting that Semiconductor International Magazine has named AMD's Dresden Fab 30 plant as
"Fab of the Year".

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