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Sometime close to midday on Tueday. (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-May-2001  12:22:34 (GMT +10) - by Manaz

Today's post is a little smaller than yesterdays - I promise! :)

VIAHardware are hosting a beta copy of the new Via 4.31 4-in-1 drivers, which includes the fix for the 686B bug. Be aware that they're not offically released, though VIAHardware does list them as final. Thanks for VooDoo for pointing this one out to us.

Andypoo wrote in to let us know that the Pioneer DVD-R*2, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW drive is actually listed on Pioneer Australia's website, and has actually been there for some time apparently. Estimated price is around AUD$1925 or so, though you may find cheaper if you shop around.

ClubOC are giving away an Iwill KK266 motherboard. And you don't have to join their forums, or post in their forums to enter! Just fill out a form, answer a simple question (based on information from one of their sponsors) and you're in with a chance!

Electic Tech are reporting that someone leaked the password to the Windows XP beta download site.

WildAndyC have updated their Mini Copper Orb Fan Assisted Waterblock article.


The Tech Zone have reviewed the ACT Labs Force RS Steering Wheel.
OCworkbench have a look at the SiS735 DDR chipset, and compare it to the other DDR chipsets currnetly available for Athlon systems.
ChillBlast have reviewed the Thermalright SK-06 heatsink.
Mikhailtech have had a look at the Lian-Li PC-60 aluminium computer case. Quite some time ago, we had a look at the Lian-Li PC-10, which is basically the same, but with a beige finish rather than the brushed aluminium look of the PC-60.
Hardware Daily have had a look at the Logitech Soundman Xtrusio DSR-100 speaker system.
BSOD have checked out the Icemat mousing surface.
Adrian's Rojak Pot just posted a short review of the Ratpadz Mousing Surface.
PCStats have reviewed 256MB Apacer PC-100 RAM. PC-100 you say? Why PC-100? Well, they found that the Apacer PC-100 was using the same DRAM as Mushkin Rev.3 PC-150 uses...
CDR-Info have posted a review of the TDK Vortex 121032 CD-R/W drive. They've also had a look at the Yamaha 2100ix (Firewire) CD-R/W drive.
Rizenet have had a look at the PCMods Baybus Kit.

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