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Wednesday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 16-May-2001  23:34:01 (GMT +10) - by alchemy

Hmm, it's still quiet. I don't know what it is about Agg being away and quiet news.. maybe we need to do less news posts? Nahhhhr.. can't have that.

Moonchild has directed us over to interpol, not because I've been bad (which is to be disputed), but to have a look at their IT security. Pretty interesting read I must say. Most of it is pretty obvious, but it's suprisingly honest. So.. off you go.

PCStats has looked at a 15" Hitachi CML151XW TFT Screen. It's flat. Real flat.

AustralianIT, a little bit quiet since downsizing a while ago reckon that Nintendo is conkering the adult market. And NO, that is NOT my typo. It's theirs. For once. Anyway, big battle against Sony I'd say.

zzsstt wrote in to say that the OCAU Folding@Home team is running 57th in the world! Pretty impressive, this is Distributed Computing for those that want to do something constructive with their CPU cycles.. Sure, finding aliens has the possibility to be constructive.. but has it the possibility to save your life?

Digit-Life has a review of a Acer ScanWit 2720S Film Scanner.. I 'spose if you've got a use for it... yes. All of you people with a need for a film scanner.. ummm. Yep.

More overclocking related is info on their news page about a Gigabyte "Blue-Thunder" motherboard.. also if you hunt around there is info about Asus TUSL2, the new revision of the CUSL2 that brings Tulatin support, hence the same change. Also a blurb about an A7V133 - the low cost no-raid version of the A7V133. Finally, a Toshiba Laptop with the nVidia GeForce2Go chipset. Be even better with an Athlon4 ;)

EverythingUSB has taken a look at the Diamond (now Sonic Blue) Rio 800 MP3 player with 128Mb memory that you can no longer obtain easily within Australia. So yay. Definatley a quiet news night.

Now that Athlon4/Palomino is out there's a gap in the AMD roadmap, and WildAndyC reckon they've got it covered, with info as to what's going to be the next future core from AMD.

ClubOC has looked at a HD Cooler with a really silly sounding name.. Icy Tank. I'm not overly sure how it gets too icy with it's plastic construction either, but they reckon it works really well, and thats what matters really.

Another HDD cooler is reviewed over on MikhailTech, this time it's the CyberCooler HC-160. It must be really quite in the tech scene at the moment.. it sure feels it.

Finally tonight, Chris Nolan wrote in with this page from TomsHardware's review of the Athlon4/Palomino core.. and apparently Tom has ~untested~ data suggesting that the Mobile Athlon4 will not work in a desktop board. Unless Tom dosn't have an Athlon4 laptop to play around with, I wonder what's stopping him from testing the theory out.

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